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Bread the life sent down from gloryMany points You to be on EarthA divine King, a carpenterYou room the life WordBread the Heaven sent down indigenous gloryMany points You were on EarthA holy King, a carpenter"s SonYou room the life Word <2x>Awesome Ruler, gentle RedeemerGod through us, the living TruthAnd what a girlfriend we have actually in YouYou space the life Word <2x>(But when we put it all together this is what we favor to speak to You)Jesus, Jesus, that"s what we call YouManger born, but on a treeYou passed away to conserve humanityYou room the life Word <4x>Oh, oh, ohYou are the life Word <3x>Jesus, Jesus, that"s what we call YouJesus, Jesus oh, ohYou room the living Word <3x then fade>
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