Beginner strategy for sports betting: How to get started

strategy for sports betting

Of course, experienced tipsters have known for a long time that without the right betting strategy, it is usually not possible to achieve lasting success. Lucky hits are part of it, but it still makes a lot more sense to set out on the path to success with systems. However, beginners often have the problem that they do not know where to start. Beginner sports betting strategies abound, but not all of the suggested methods are equally strong. In order to shed some light on this, we have therefore dealt with the best strategies for beginners. At the same time, we also want to reveal why a betting strategy is so important for success and which points should also be considered.

Beginner strategy: does it have to be?

Of course, sports betting is also so interesting because every bettor can easily bet according to their own feelings and perceptions. Of course, the strategies are a bit restrictive in this respect – but let’s be honest: At the end of the day, a bulging account is much more satisfying than just having your own gut feeling taken into account. The strategies also make it much easier to keep track of your own finances and losses. In short: Betting fans approach the whole thing in a much more professional and organized way. And that’s exactly what will pay off in the long run. Newcomers can therefore not be blamed once they keep their distance from the various sports betting strategies. Nevertheless, after a certain time you should switch to a suitable beginner’s strategy. Important: Once the right strategy has been found for the beginners, the work is of course not yet done. Instead, there are also special techniques that are explicitly aimed at advanced users or professionals.

These are the 3 best betting strategies for beginners

3 best betting strategies

As already mentioned, the choice for the newcomers is huge. Betting strategies can be found like sand by the sea and in principle a new technique can be used every day. But be careful: If you really want to find the best options from all these possibilities, you often have to invest a lot of money. Of course we want to save you this expense and so we present the three best strategies for sports betting beginners in detail below:

Double chances: often the beginning of happiness

One of the most well-known and at the same time most popular strategies for beginners is the double chances. In this type of bet, the bet is placed on two possible game outcomes. In concrete terms, this means that, for example, in a three-way bet there are only two possible outcomes. This is made possible by a kind of combination of two results. In detail, this means that the tipster, for example, places a bet on the home win and the tie at the same time with only one odd. Alternatively, a bet on the away win and the draw or the home win and the away win is also conceivable. This significantly reduces the chances of losing, since two of the three results of a game (win, draw, defeat) can now occur. Of course, it is important to remember that the odds are usually extremely low – after all, betting involves a very low risk.

A small digression: The double chances are also often used by the pros. In contrast to the newcomers, who bet on the draw and the win of a favorite, the experts place bets on the draw and the win of the outsider in suitable games, for example – this in turn of course with significantly higher odds.

Over/under bets: It couldn’t be more flexible

Over/under bets are at least as well-known and popular as double chances. The advantage of this type of bet is that you only bet with two possible outcomes. In concrete terms, this means: either the number of goals is reached or not. Different limits can be set. For example, in most cases the tipster can specify that more than 2.5 goals are scored in a soccer game. If it is one of the larger bookmakers, such as, other limits are usually set. It can also be determined that a game has more than 1.5 goals, more than 3.5 goals or less than 3.5 goals. These betting options can of course not only be used for the various football games in the world. These betting markets are also made available for handball, ice hockey and basketball. In tennis, on the other hand, bets are often made on the number of sets.

Favorite bets: Play it safe

If you are new to sports betting, you should also focus on the favorites bets. Why? Quite simply, because the big favorites such as FC Bayern, Barcelona and Real Madrid rarely stumble. In the long run, this can be a secure source of income. However, you should also be a little clever here, because in the course of a season even the “big ones” make a mistake every now and then. Not often, but it does happen. Exactly then, of course, ideally not a large sum should be bet on the win. Important: In general, the favorite bets are only recommended as a beginner’s strategy if a healthy account balance has been built up. The betting odds are extremely low in these cases, so that only larger bets bring real success. It should also be noted that most bookmakers only allow bets above a certain odds (e.g. 1.10). For example, if Bayern have odds of 1.06 for a win against Hamburg, this bet often cannot be placed.

And which beginner strategy is the best?

If you have to decide on a beginner’s strategy, you naturally want to have the number one. However, it must be said at this point that there is no clear “winner”. Instead, this is of course a very individual decision. For example, if you prefer to focus on the goals in a game, you can use bets on the number of goals. This option is particularly recommended, for example, if you cannot decide on a winner of the game in advance. It is therefore not possible to say unequivocally which strategy is the best. Instead, it always depends on the respective framework conditions and the individual wishes of the tipster.

More tips & tricks: This is how sports betting works

how sports betting works

With the right beginner’s strategy, the newcomers have already done “half the battle” on the way to successful sports betting. However, there are of course a few other small tricks and tips that can be used to increase the chances of success. And what they are, we show here:

Choosing the right provider: Before you can use your own beginner’s strategy, you first have to find the right betting provider. Here, too, the selection in the industry is huge, so that the first best provider should never be used. Instead, it helps to use our bookmaker comparison, as all the strengths and weaknesses of the different bookmakers can be seen in a few moments. Of course, a look at the licenses is particularly important here, but at the same time the processing of payments, the betting offer and the work of customer support should be scrutinized.

Grab a betting bonus: Registration or a deposit with a bookmaker is usually associated with a sports betting bonus. This criterion can of course be used when choosing a betting provider, but should not be the main focus of the search. A good bonus amount is nice, but in principle it is overshadowed by the terms and conditions. An offer is only really good if it also offers fair conditions. Always remember: The highest bonus is worth nothing if the sum cannot also be paid out.

Get information about the events: It is also important to focus on the well-known sporting events. If you have been interested in football for years, it is very likely that you will find it much easier to bet in this discipline. In addition, it is always advisable to deal extensively with the upcoming events. In concrete terms, this means obtaining background information on the clubs or individual players. This information forms the basis for your own success with sports betting and should therefore always be kept in mind.

Conclusion: A beginner’s strategy is the top stepping stone

All beginnings are difficult. This applies not only to life as a whole, but also to sports betting. At the same time, however, the bets have the advantage that the tipster can keep the difficulties within limits. A beginner’s strategy can be the absolute key to happiness in this regard, since newcomers often have big question marks in front of the various bookmakers. Anyone who starts with a good plan and order right from the start enjoys clear advantages over many other betting fans – and can save a lot of money. In any case, we recommend our three top strategies, which can be adopted by all newcomers. Attitudes will change from time to time anyway, so presumably every customer will find their own unique path to success. In this respect, a beginner’s strategy always shows the right way.

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