Slots – Basic Rules, Tips and Strategies to Win

SlotsBasic Rules

Slots are among the most preferred and most frequently chosen games by gambling enthusiasts.  Originating in the bars of New York, having gone through numerous improvements in their history, today they take centre stage in major gaming halls around the world, with online casinos offering their customers hundreds of titles that feature different themes and offer a multitude of options and bonuses. The rules of slots are very simple, and winning is largely a matter of luck.

Basic rules of slots

Basic rules of slots

Most slots nowadays have three or five reels, which feature a variety of symbols, from classic fruits, to the treasures of Egypt, many forest and sea dwellers, movie characters, mythical creatures and more. The aim of the game is to line up the same symbols in a payline when the reels are spun, each with a different value. In addition to all of these, there are scatter and wild symbols on the reels, which play a very important role in the game.

The scatter symbol substitutes for each of the others, again generating a payline. The wild symbol also has the function of substituting for any of the other symbols without the scatter. 

The paylines also play an important role in the slot game as they indicate the number of combinations with potential wins. The player is only required to choose how many of these lines to bet on, place their bet and press the button to spin the reels. From there on, it’s all a matter of luck.

Tips for playing slots

Tips for playing slots

While slot games don’t require any special skills from players, there are still some things that are good to know in order to prevent possible losses when playing and be able to increase your chance of winning. Here are a few recommendations for that.

  • One of the most important requirements, especially for beginner players, is to play for free before getting into real bet games. This way, you will have the opportunity to learn the rules of the game, familiarize yourself with the main options and bonuses it offers, without losing money in case you make a wrong decision.
  • Choosing a reliable, licensed casino is a must to ensure that you can sign up and play without risk. Online casinos in Bulgaria offer their customers a wide variety of slots with 20, 40 and even 100 paylines, many bonus systems and a progressive jackpot. One such place where you can enjoy this game is Palms Bet online casino.
  • When choosing a slot machine, choose one that has the highest RTP possible. This way, you will be familiar with what percentage of the investment you have made you will be able to recoup, as well as what amount different casinos pay out for a particular game.
  • The volatility of slot games is also very important. If you are familiar with it, you will know how regularly your winnings are paid out when you play your chosen game. High volatility slots are those where you may have a smaller number of wins, at the expense of a higher value. They are much more profitable and are more likely to have big jackpots. These games are mostly for the players who, apart from luck, have enough funds to play.
  • In low volatility slot games, the wins are more frequent, but they are smaller. They rarely pay jackpots, but they are suitable for beginners and especially those who do not have a large budget.
  • You can increase the volatility of the game by reducing the number of paylines. This trick can only be applied to low-stakes slot games. Thus, if you bet on one line instead of 10, the game volatility will increase by 5 to 10 times.
  • One more tip. Whenever you choose a slot game, you should always familiarize yourself with the number of paylines it offers, the bonuses it offers and the conditions under which they are triggered, as well as the “gamble” feature, which gives you the opportunity to double your winnings by guessing cards.

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