The perfect Las Vegas itinerary

Las Vegas itinerary

After your arrival and a short refreshment at the hotel, you should explore the city on foot. Let yourself drift and explore the Strip on foot. You will not only once get lost in one of the huge hotels with casinos but also have enough time to play Woo Casino. This is intentional. After all, the sound of the jingling coins should encourage you to take a seat at the gaming table yourself.

Be aware that you will often get lost. Despair eventually gave way to exhausted laughter. Try to look at as many hotel complexes as possible.

The Venetian Hotel makes you feel like you’re in Venice and is also the largest hotel on the Strip. Besides a canal on which you can ride a gondola – just like in Venice – there are, for example, artists offering free street performances all day long. The difference to Venice: It smells better.

Other hotels worth visiting: Mirage Hotel (for years it had the famous show of Siegfried & Roy with the white tigers), Bellagio (gigantic water games, simply my favorite hotel because it is just stylish), Caesars Palace (because of the movie Hangover) and the Paris Las Vegas.

From the replica Eiffel Tower you have a wonderful view of the Strip and the surrounding hotels: Excalibur (replica Disney castles), Luxor Hotel (Sphinx and the Pyramid) and New York (with replica New York skyline).



The Strip in Las Vegas by day – not half as impressive without the flickering neon signs as it is at night. The Bellagio and the water features in front of it.

The absolute favorite hotel is the Bellagio. You do not have to spend the night there, because it is very expensive. However, it’s worth a visit. But when you enter the lobby, you can imagine George Clooney striding down the wide staircase in the movie Ocean’s Eleven. For hours you can watch the water features at the fountain after dark.

Las Vegas Bellagio water games sight

One of the most beautiful sights in Las Vegas are the fountain games in the evening at the Bellagio

Neon Museum in Las Vegas

Neon Museum in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a little mecca for neon signs. Sure, at nightfall it glows and flashes on all corners. At “The Neon Boneyard Park” of the Neon Museum in Las Vegas, you can find the remains of neon signs of all kinds.

At one point, these signs were placed in locations on the Las Vegas Strip. Every year, new signs are added. More and more of them are restored and glow in the evening.

You can book tickets for tours on the Neon Museum website. Prices range from $20 to $28 dollars. Depending on the time of day. It is recommended to visit at sunset, so you can experience the Neon Museum during the day and also at night. In the afternoon you will see all the signs in good light, but keep in mind that you are in the desert and the temperature can be 40 degrees. The Address is: The Neon Museum, 770 Las Vegas Boulevard North

Tickets are released about a month in advance and are very popular. So book early!

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