Value Bets: How the pros bet!

Value Bets

At this point we say goodbye to the odds calculator for sports betting. If you want more information, we recommend our article on the numerator. Only a few betting professionals specialize in the previous surebets because it is not easy to find surebets. Because the uncertainty that a mistake will lead to a big loss is terrifying for many players. However, even without the odds calculator, we can explain the benefits of value bets. These are value bets where the player calculates a greater probability of success than the bookmaker. Of course, such football bets can be placed on a mobile device, although the calculation is better done on a desktop PC.

  • When does a bet have value?
  • How do they calculate value bets?
  • Why do pros focus on the value bets?

Find Value Bets: Calculate Probability

Find Value Bets

When does a bet have value? No odds calculator for betting will help us to answer this question. Suppose we are analyzing the game between FC Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga. FCB receives a quota of 2.00 and plays at home. Bayern have won nine out of ten home games and drawn once. Dortmund, on the other hand, lost 50% of their games away from home. It can be seen at first glance that this bet has value.

In general, however, we are concerned with calculating a probability. We can compare the home and away wins, as well as the Head2Head comparison. Bayern won nine times and drew once. Dortmund won three times, drew two and lost five away games. So the chances are, excluding the direct comparison for the sake of simplicity, on Munich (14), draw and Dortmund (together 6). 20 is 100 percent. So Bayern win 70 percent. The odds of 2.00 correspond to a calculated probability of 50 percent, which means that our bet would have value.

Why long-term success is possible with value bets

success with value bets

In order to apply this concept, an odds must be converted into a probability. The following formula must be used for this: 1/Quote*100. In our example 1/2(*100), which gives 50 percent. A rate of 1.25 would therefore have a probability of 80 percent. If we calculate a higher percentage by comparing home and away form, the Head2Head comparison and other factors, we can place a value bet.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s the Champions League, World Cup or Premier League, there are always statistics to calculate whether a bet is worthwhile. This means that the concept can be applied across the board. However, it is advisable not to start with a database that is too small. The odds must be right, as must the calculated probability. Usually, pundits have come a long way to making consistent profits from value bets. For practice, it is therefore advisable to use a bonus.

Conclusion: How does a quota calculator work?

Why should a quota calculator be used? Especially with surebets or system bets, it is practically essential to calculate the odds beforehand. This ultimately increases the chance of success of a bet. Combination bets, on the other hand, should not be too voluminous. Professionals usually rely on value bets and calculate their own probabilities. You can also make a quota calculator for this yourself. In any case, it is advisable to deal with the matter in detail.

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