That message is paired v a short video clip package and airs throughout each WWE program.

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The article is simple, the portrays the threats that wrestlers face in the ring and also how these moves should be "left to the professionals".

At first glance, it appears that the WWE is gift responsible in trying to warn that audience the the threats surrounding the actions required of a professional wrestler. This warning is offered with good reason, as expert wrestling"s target audience is now made up of mainly younger fans.

With all due respect, that article is a pack of BS.

The WWE uses that blog post to covering its ass from parental who space afraid that their kids will shot to recreate the moves of their favorite wrestlers.

If the WWE really was concerned about the safety of children, climate why carry out they constantly display those flashback video packages?

The packages i refer to focus on a wrestler and show various aspects of that wrestler"s life. The one part that constantly catches my attention is where they display the provided wrestler as a young son holding a makeshift championship belt and practicing wrestling moves that they have seen on TV with other family members members.


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John Cena, Edge and the Hardys have actually all to be featured in these vignettes.

This is a bit confusing come me in that the WWE wants its young audience not to mimic what they are watching, yet they are showing their most famous wrestlers doing precisely what the WWE is supposedly frowning upon.

Personally, I have actually no problem with backyard wrestling or anything along those lines. I plan on creating an article around that topic in the future and also have a emotion that the WWE does not mind children imitating your product either.

No one wakes increase one day and decides they desire to be a expert wrestler.

That is the suggest of the vignettes. They show a well-known wrestler talking about how he would mess approximately with friends from the neighborhood, imitating his favourite wrestler and the children watching these story today get the idea that they too deserve to be choose John Cena or Edge.

The "please don"t try this at residence message" falls on hearing disabled ears.

The WWE knows the it has to outwardly portray a problem for the security of that younger audience, however I want to close v the following: just for funny I Googled man Cena and found 7,920,000 matches.

I"m sure the WWE is really upset the its best cash cow went into his backyard and wrestled with his brothers as soon as he to be young.

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