Cats love to sleep in the sun and enjoy the warm of the sun’s rays, specifically in spring and also summer. This situation is so common that if you have a kitty in ~ home, you will certainly undoubtedly have actually noticed it. Why carry out cats favor being in the sun? Can extreme exposure to sunlight be harmful come our four-legged friend?

Why perform cats love being in the sun?

Whether exterior or inside the house, cats favor sunny spaces, since they instinctively know that the sun has several health benefits. The thing that an especially makes them feeling so content is the heat… nothing is an ext satisfying to a feline 보다 letting self go and enjoying lengthy naps in the warmth. Siesta and also Sun: the perfect combination!


Cats and also Benefits of the sun

The sun is good for cats, as lengthy as they bask in it v moderation. There space two main benefits:


The human body temperature of cat drops as soon as they sleep, since when the human body is calm and relaxed it does not use energy and also energy usage decreases. Therefore, cat compensate the distinction in temperature by resting in warm areas or where the sun’s rays go into directly: the isn’t hard to discover our furry friends lying in prior of a window, on the balcony or top top the floor within the house. For this reason, the is crucial not to ar kitty’s bed in dark or damp areas inside the house.

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2. Source OF VITAMIN D

How countless times have actually you occurred to view your cat running and rolling around in a small area that sun? The sun’s rays room also very important for cats, as with they space for us humans, due to the fact that they stimulate the production of vitamin D, great for the bones and also effective against rheumatism, a very common illness in cats.


Cats and also sun: Precautions to take

Cats would continue to be in the sunlight for hours, however despite the plenty of benefits that this activity, the is nevertheless true the there can additionally be some disadvantages.

One of key the difficulties that can occur if a cat continues to be in the sunlight for too numerous hours is the risk of sunstroke, la little bit like what wake up to us humans, consequently leading to heat stroke. Dehydration should not it is in underestimated: an excessive loss of fluids and minerals manifests itself with symptoms such as tiredness, dried gums and also mouth, lose of appetite, breathlessness and also sunken eyes. Avoidance is always much better than cure, yet in instance this happens, constantly contact the vet.

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A special situation that deserves extra fist in the of white cats: the hair of these cat does no offer enough protection come the non-pigmented skin and also the sun’s rays might seriously damages it, causing inflammation and also skin lesions that, in the lengthy run, can lead to the beginning of severe illnesses.