I got the following error, “Whoops, something walk wrong!”

Article last Updated: in march 4, 2021


At some point you might encounter one error post “Whoops, something went wrong!”, which deserve to be led to by a number of things. The number one cause of this error article is that you have included a new field(s) to her list on Mailchimp, however not added the very same field(s) come the kind Builder in Easy develops for Mailchimp. Every time you include a brand-new field to your forms, you’ll want to remember to add it come the type builder, especially if the ar is collection to ‘required’.

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Debugging the Response

To aid decipher exactly what’s going on, friend can permit ‘Debugging’ on the ‘Debug Settings‘ page. As soon as you enable ‘Debugging’, you’ll desire to attempt to re-submit the kind on the front finish of your site.

The error response should now display a more user friendly response, letting girlfriend know specifically what’s going wrong:


You’ll notification in the screenshot above, the error solution is “‘Birthday’ should be provided – Please get in a value.“, however there isn’t in reality a Birthday field displaying in the form. All we have to do, is head earlier into edit the kind and include our ‘Birthday’ field to the type builder. After that is complete, us should have actually no worries submitting the forms once again.

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