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THE WEEKLY BUPDATE —- CITY BUS it s okay SUEZ CANAL’D top top STORROW DRIVE, coincidentally BLOCKS international TRADE —- “BE over there SOON!” LIES friend WHO stays IN DANIELSEN —- FINANCE STUDENTS found RUNNING student in the first year FIGHT RING IN BASEMENT of QUESTROM —- WARREN RESIDENT insurance claims TO it is in “SOPHOMORE”

Opinions are choose assholes— everyone has actually one and no one desires to hear around it, unless of course it entails Alvin and the Chipmunks. If you think the answer to our huge question is Alvin, you’re certainly a heterosexual finance significant who completely overreacted the first time you acquired your penis sucked, making the negative girl who was just trying to gain some edibles from girlfriend very, really uncomfortable. You established with Alvin because you experienced it together an possibility to project your own experience top top him. That being said, let’s dive right into why that is in reality Theodore that is gaining the ideal head.

The viral photoshopped image— i beg your pardon depicts the three Chipmunks receiving dental sex indigenous their corresponding girlfriends— tells three an extremely different stories, depending upon which chipmunk you watch at. As previously stated, Alvin is a small bitch that is merely overexaggerating come compensate because that Brittany’s lack of capacity to provide the Gluck-Gluck 3000 Turbo Vacuum Seal Gorilla tight sucking job. Moving on. 

Shifting our emphasis to the chipmunk on the right, Simon’s legs appear elevated come an unnatural position, indicating that he is in some type of physical pain. ~ above closer inspection, his face expression solidifies any kind of sliver the a doubt that he is in harm’s way. We deserve to logically conclude that Jeanette is inexperienced, and also therefore go not understand that making use of teeth is never ever a an excellent idea.

This brings us to the 3rd and final Chipmunk: Theodore.

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There is no doubt in mine mind that Theo is obtaining the finest head, together the look on his face says that the is seeing God. Eleanor is placing in the work, and also it is absolutely paying off. 

Stay posted for following week’s follow-up article, whereby we re-examine which chipmunk from Alvin and the chipmunks watches tentacle hentai!