It comes together no surprised that several of the biggest names in Hollywood started out as little names published on fraternity composites. The interpersonal an abilities they occurred during your time together members of Greek organizations surely play a role in helping them thrive when placed under the spotlight (along with many of them being handsome-ass dudes).

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As lot as it no feel choose it, celebrities are just like us. The ones many like us? Those the were members that Greek life in college, of who there room many. One concern remains, however: What were these celebrities like during their fraternity days?

Let’s explore.


1. Will Ferrell – Delta Tau Delta, The university of southerly California

The stone face. The white dude flat-top. The brown tweed jacket/pastel button-down/skinny tie combo. Will certainly Ferrell to be no doubt the one brother who tries to make the pledges laugh during lineups (while somehow keeping a straight face himself) just so he have the right to haze them because that laughing in ~ him. Though it’s tough for me to look in ~ this photo and also not think around when will Ferrell entertained the idea of getting to escape of college fraternities altogether.

2. Ashton Kutcher – Delta Chi, The college of Iowa

My God, watch at the flow. Ashton “Kutcher” Christopher was definitely that one man in your chapter who sneakily bangs every girl on campus while still preserving a low profile. I’d gambling money that, in college, Ashton ran through more corn-fed Iowa girls 보다 a runaway tractor at the Des Moines ar Fair. That is, until he dropped the end of Iowa to come to be a full-time model/actor.


3. Joe Buck – Sigma Nu, Indiana university Bloomington

Look in ~ that forced smile, the tie the looks like it was cut out that a dyed-blue variation of Fred Flintstone’s moo moo, and that “BAD HAIR,” as a 39-year-old Joe Buck would later refer to it. It’s no wonder Joseph flourished up to become the least interesting play-by-play sportscaster in the history of transfer television.

With his penchant because that downplaying anything amazing or controversial that he witnesses, Joe Buck would’ve been the perfect male for the situation management place at IU Sig NU.

Source:Whiskey Riff

4. Luke Bryan – Sigma Chi, Georgia southerly University

I personally prefer Luke Bryan, and have viewed him in concert (Summerfest 2013 what up???), but not anyone is a large fan of the pop nation singer.

You can clearly see indigenous the reflection on the glass that a Luke Bryan-obsessed college-aged girl take it this photo of Luke Bryan’s composite, which ns imagine pretty much sums increase his days at Georgia Southern. A fraternity male who sings about sororities? that’s what you’ll find up there in sorority girl heaven, together a Yorkie decked out in Lilly and a never-ending cheese plate. Ns guarantee Luke ran train on a number of my my my small ADPis ago in his Sig Chi days, and Zetas, Thetas, Chi Os, and little Phi Mus.

5. Drew Brees – Sigma Chi, Purdue University

If I’m sure of something in this life, the that drew Brees’ pledge nickname had actually something to carry out with his birthmark. Ns don’t understand if it to be “Poopcheeks,” “Poo Brees,” or “MOLEY MOLEY MOLEY MOLE,” but I know it to be something. None of that mattered, though, since Drew wound up gift his school’s starting quarterback. As soon as you’re slinging tuddies top top Saturdays, you could have a goat’s bulbous nutsack (don’t worry, it is a safe click) because that a head and also it wouldn’t matter — you’re tho the big man ~ above campus.


6. Zac Brown – Kappa Alpha Order, The university of West Georgia

So we’re not entirely sure if this is Zac Brown’s yes, really composite picture or not. A user submitted it to us saying the it’s him, and also it kinda looks like a younger, beardless version of the country crossover star, yet we aren’t entirely sure. So I could just it is in judging some random male named Zack Brown. Either way…

Zac Brown’s composite photo gives expect to average-looking university dudes everywhere. He was most likely the low-key nice man in university who obtained girls through his gold pipes before growing right into his body and getting them v the whole package.

Or possibly he was just some arbitrarily dude called Zack Brown.***UPDATE***

A man who declared to it is in Zac’s neighbor ago in college told us that thisis, in fact,theZac Brown’s composite picture.


7. Paul Rudd – Sigma Nu, The university of Kansas

Drugs: Paul Rudd smoked them. Dude offered to look like a chiller version of Kenny G. As soon as you to compare him to the other Kansas Sig Nu brothers on the composite, the pretty clear Paul Rudd was the fraternity’s funny guy. I mean, c’mon — no tie? Dude’s plainly got ’80s joke coming out the wazoo. Don’t act favor you don’t desire to acquire hammered v ’80s Rudd… Or current Rudd. Also at his progressed age, Paul’s still obtained some partying left in that — simply two years ago he threw a kegger at his mom’s house.


8. Brad Pitt – Sigma Chi, Mizzou

Sure, Brad Pitt never graduated from Mizzou (possibly for this hilarious reason), but that doesn’t median he no live it up in college. Require proof?




Back to his composite picture, though. The hair doesn’t just happen. Brad to be the kinda guy who’d do his friend wait up for him in-between the pregame and the bars due to the fact that his “feathering no sitting right.” The kinda guy who avoided beer showers at every costs, lest a solitary drop touch his valuable locks. The kinda guy who’d irradiate a pledge top top fire, then stick the claw of a hammer under his scrotum and lead him approximately a room. Just kidding about that critical one — that to be Jon Hamm.


9. Paul Ryan – Delta Tau Delta, Miami college (OH)

I’m not certain if it means he looks an excellent now or the he looked favor shit back in his fraternity days, however Paul Ryan literally watch the exact same now as the did in college. With those sad eyes and that “KILL ME” smile, Paul was more than likely his fraternity’s IFC representative, in fee of the mundane week-to-week task of bridging the gap between the fraternity and the Interfraternity Council. Boring stuff. That’s most likely why he never had time to kill a stripper.


10. Matthew McConaughey – Delta Tau Delta, The college of Texas in ~ Austin

If brother McConaughey runs for President of the country of Texas once the state secedes next year, i am 100% certain he wins in a landslide. I recently went to a episode restaurant the proudly shown a clues on the wall surface where McConaughey wrote “Just keep livin’” with his signature in ~ it. That’s an amazing campaign platform.

After looking in ~ his composite picture, you’re compelled to agree through me regarding one fact: McConaughey’s just a level ol’ an excellent looking dude. The kinda dude you wish you looked like. The kinda dude your girlfriend wishes you looked like. An ext than everyone on this list, you recognize McConaughey gained some serious action during his tenure as an energetic Delt at the college of Texas. Rumor (that I simply made up) has it the his signature catchphrase “Alright, alright, alright” actually ended up being ingrained in his head because it’s what he said while he was railing UT sorority tail, which that did so regularly that the repetitive words became 2nd nature come him.

If it’s no clear by now, dude gotlaaaaaaaaiiidddddd.

Bonus video: What happens when Matthew McConaughey and also Brad Pitt realize they’re staying throughout the street from each various other in new Orleans? Pitt tosses a beer from his balcony to McConaughey’s. Girlfriend can’t do this shit up.


11. Eli Manning – Sigma Nu, Ole Miss

As homely then as he is now, odds space Eli Manning i will not ~ have acquired a bid in ~ Sig Nu had he not been a legacy as result of his father Archie’s membership in the an extremely same chapter. Or probably it was, y’know, the fact that, like Brees, he to be a quarterback on the school’s soccer team. More than likely a combination, if no the previous alone.

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Look in ~ him. Eli was that pledge who only didn’t get dropped since literally no brothers had talked to him enough to kind an opinion that him either way. The ghost pledge who, when his surname is referred to as out at initiation, elicits a “who the crap is that?” reaction native everybody in the room except for the pledge educator and his large brother.