Factors of 56 space basically the numbers that division it evenly or exactly without leaving any remainder i.e the factor should divide the number with zero remainders.

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All factors : 1,2,4,7,8,14,28,and 56.Prime factors : 2,7.Factors in pairs: (1,56), (2,28), (4,14), (7,8).

Prime administrate of 56

Prime factorization is a technique of “expressing” or finding the given number as the product of prime numbers. If a number occurs much more than when in element factorization, it is generally expressed in exponential type to make it more compact.

The prime administrate comes out to be: 2 × 2 × 2× 7.

Prime factorization of 56 by Upside-Down department Method

Upside-Down division is one of the techniques used in the element factorization an approach to aspect numbers.

In this method, you will divide a offered “composite” number same by the numerous prime numbers(starting indigenous the smallest) it spins it gets a element number.


It is called Upside-Down Division since the symbol is flipped upside down.

Here, 56is an even number. So that is without doubt divisible by 2 through no remainder.

56 ÷ 2 = 28. Now uncover the prime components of the derived quotient.

Repeat step 1 and also Step 2 till we gain a an outcome of element number together the quotient. Here, 28is the quotient.

28 ÷ 2 = 14. Here, 14 is the quotient.Now discover the prime determinants of the 14.

14÷ 2= 7. Here, 7 is the prime number.

So we can stop theprocess.

Prime factorization of 56 through upside-down division method is:2× 2× 2× 7 = (2^3 imes 7).

Prime administer of56 by variable Tree Method

The Factor tree method is another method for creating the element factorization and all determinants of a provided number.

To usage this technique for a number x,

Firstly think about two factors say a,b of x such the a*b is equal to x and also at least one of castle (a, b) is a prime aspect say a.

Then think about two factors of b speak c, d such that again at the very least one of castle is a prime factor. This procedure is recurring until both the factors are prime i.e if we gain both the components as prime at any type of step, we stop the procedure there.

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Following is the aspect tree the the given number.


Here us can get the prime factorisation of 56 together 2 * 2 * 2 * 7 and also the 2 prime determinants are 2, 7