So I have about 50 hours into this game, and about halfway through, I notice a pink bulge on my Excals neck, I pay it no mind. About a few days after noticing it, I get around to the Howl of the Kubrow Quest, I've got an egg and a power core, and at the bottom I see "Drain Helminth Cyst" so I do some digging, and find out about the Helminth charger. What I want to know, is does the charger have any advantage over a Kubrow, as I have yet to get to the Kavat stage, or is it just looks?


Every kubrow has it's own unique ability so you cannot really say whether a kubrow has an advantage over others because it just depends. The helminth charger as the name suggests is a charger kubrow that does more damage to enemies than other kubrows.

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The infested doggy does not count for the quest unless DE fixed it.

All in all the infested doggy is tankier and deals more damage than most other dogs but has otherwise nothing special going for it. Dogs in general are kinda useless compared to kavats and sentinels and only have niche uses. Especially the mod "Vacuum" from sentinels, which draws drops towards you, should be interesting to you because with it you will never leave resources on the ground.

Companions will always remain "meh" unless that stupid "only one active companion" thing goes away. Hek, at this moment, I'll be content with the removal of the stasis recovery time. Otherwise, I'm perfectly content with my Smeeta and Adarza kavats, and Kubrows can rot in stasis for all I care.

Can confirm that the charger counts towards the quest completion. I grew my little SuperPupaDupalo first, no problems.

You can get it back if you have another warframe. Just play a match with someone that already has the cyst or play a match with someone that has nidus.

If you don't mind the lack of vacuum, it's an excellent tanking pet, with a harpoon attack that can be useful from time to time. I usually use a link armor and health build with Inaros. It never goes down and does a fair amount of damage.

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