I"ve seen people with a body counting + blood sirloin combo and also i wanted to ask whereby i can acquire these mods.

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Both mode were event mods from an event I can"t remember that connected the Stalker. Now, they room only easily accessible for trading till they redo the event or some other method like Void Trader.




Acolytes should be returning quickly so you can farm the mods from them.

Blood Rush together with a couple of other acolyte mods are also feasible rewards native Lua spy.

Drifting contact is an alternative for human body Count and is easily accessible from mid tier nightmare missions.


Both mode were occasion mods from an event I can"t remember that connected the Stalker. Now, they are only easily accessible for trading until they redo the occasion or part other way like Void Trader.

This is no true. You can get Blood rush from Lua Spy mission, and replace human body count with drifting contact. 

This is not true. You can obtain Blood sirloin from Lua Spy mission, and also replace body count v drifting contact. 

Well, ns haven"t to be on doyourpartparks.org for most of 2017 so pardon me if i unintentionally spread out misinformation. 

Instead of human body count, you have the right to use drifting contact instead(you can obtain by law nightmare missions).

Well, ns haven"t been on doyourpartparks.org for most of 2017 so forgive me if i unintentionally spread out misinformation. 

There"s additionally the brand-new set mods v POE, including Gladiator Rush, which has actually pretty much replaced body counting for me if it"s a crit build.

The whole gladiator series has a mini-blood-rush form effect which never hurts, and Gladiator Rush particularly adds come the combo duration. With each other they stack to 255%, yet that eats increase a most mod slots.

I don"t think you require Body counting while Gladiator sirloin exists, and also Drifting contact is way better for status builds.

Oh yeah, and don"t forget Naramon! I know everyone"s sad around losing perma-invisibility (who wouldn"t be?) yet being able come run about with a 4x damage multiplier without also thinking about it is pretty fun too. As soon as you"re in the thousands losing 5 a second isn"t a large deal.


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Posted November 7, 2017


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Posted November 7, 2017

Buy them, or farm yard them from Stalker"s fanclub once they come back for another reunion tour this December.

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How to obtain a blood rush and also body count mod
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