It is 2021& and also smartphone users perform not think twice before taking videos anymore. Smartphone cameras make minced meat that HD 1080p high quality now& and 4K videos are fast becoming the norm. We all have actually a gazillion videos on our phones& and also Google picture is continually pressed into service& uploading those videos come the cloud to sell us the sync we have come to expect and also rely on. What happens when the behemoth shrugs for a moment& providing us the dreaded error that states Google is handling the video. What is this error? What does that mean?


On smartphones& the complying with words make world nervous: “Still processing. Your video clip will be prepared soon.

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On the desktop& the following words deserve to instill are afraid in people: “An error occurred& please shot again later.” Or it could be& “Your video clip will be prepared soon.”

Table the Contents

Part I: just how Long go It take Google image To procedure A Video?

Google is a gigantic in state of computer power that needs and holds to permit billions of individuals to do billions of more operations top top Google services every day. Video has constantly been an issue on the internet& purely on account of the bandwidth; it needs stream and processing power. From small videos with even tinier file sizes& we now have actually 4K UHD video streaming on YouTube& allowed by modern technology that is work by commercial entities such together movie houses and also end-users choose you and also me who now have unfathomable strength in our pockets through multi-megapixel camera smartphones taking 1080p HD and 4K UHD videos job in and also day the end without batting one eyelid. The only time us seem to treatment is when either we are out that storage room or when the dreaded error comes up on Google once we upload ours video& and also it smugly reports earlier at us that that is handling the video.

How lengthy does it take Google image to process a video? The answer counts on some reasonable& understandable factors& and there is no concrete answer& not even from Google. Videos can get processed as shortly as they space uploaded or might take minutes& hours& or days even in rarely cases. There yes, really is small anyone can do around this& but there are methods to minimization the opportunities of video clip processing errors.

However& in many instances& that is generally agreed upon the the error is indicative of something else& no of one upload failure. This way that videos are virtually always properly uploaded& as confirmed by emailing/ share those videos with others or importing castle on YouTube. This suggests that over there is some background handling going on that is acquisition time come complete and is unrelated to the video itself. The is most likely related come Google Photos as a service.

Part II: Why does Processing video clip Error Occur and also How To settle It?

It cannot be established why carry out processing errors take place in Google Photos once it concerns videos. The is a widely reported phenomenon acknowledged by Google. The problem seems to be typical in MP4 layout videos but does take place with other layouts still. Some say it most-commonly occurs once the upload size setup is set to High Quality& however again& various other settings are not immune either.

File Size

On average& a minute that 1080p video at a standard framework rate that 25 or 30 FPS concerns be 1 MB every minute that video. Smartphones today can take videos in ~ 60 fps and also even 120 fps to allow slow-motion videography. The very same minute-long 1080p HD video clip in 60 FPS becomes end 140 MB per minute. A 4K UHD resolution video clip at 25 FPS is close come 400 MB a minute. You get the idea - the better the resolution& the higher the document size that the video. Naturally& a couple of minutes of also HD quality video is walking to be a couple of hundred MB& and also it is walk to take it time to procedure for Google Photos& unlike your photos that room at max 20-25 MB in size for life photos taken with a 24 MP DSLR camera. Document size plays a huge function in how regularly you can see the video clip still handling in Google picture error.


One means to get around this concern is to ration the resolution the videos you take relying on use cases. Not all videos need to be 4K UHD in ~ 60 FPS. Most will suffice in ~ 1080p and 60 FPS if you want& and often lock would also be perfect well-placed at 720p.

Internet Speed

Typically& your web connection’s upload speed is fifty percent of your provisioned download speed. If you have actually a 1:1 connection& that’s a different story& in which instance your upload and also download speeds room the same. Mate this to the video file size& and you should start to watch that videos can not only take a many time to upload on even high-speed connections& lock are likewise likely to it is in the most demanding in terms of bandwidth because if you room using your internet connection for anything except browsing& because that example& torrenting or any type of FTP usage wherein girlfriend are proactively uploading from your computer& however the videos will additionally take even longer come upload to Google Photos and also are most likely to take much longer to process.


One way to prevent upload speed-related delays with handling Google picture videos is to prioritize video clip uploads as soon as you know you want to upload videos. If you can& it is not always feasible or possible& however if that does bother you so much& you may likely have the ability to prioritize video clip uploads over other uploads. Just how do you perform that? pause all other upload task till the videos space uploaded to Google Photos since a short internet link will produce delays in video-processing by Google Photos.

Old browser Version

Silly as it might sound& but internet services and especially Google (with that Chrome browser)& are quite finicky when it comes to internet browser versions. Something the was working fine in one version deserve to break in the next& and something giving an error in the current version may require the latest variation to avail of the fix. In general& though& Google services work finest with the latest net browsers& specifically when that is their own Google Chrome internet browser.


You deserve to update her web web browser to the latest version. The two most well-known web browsers in the world are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Safari is an Apple-only net browser and is updated and maintained by Apple. Nevertheless of the operation system& the steps required to update Firefox and Chrome room the same.

Update Mozilla Firefox

Step 1: start Mozilla Firefox

Step 2: Click the hamburger menu.


Step 3: select Help


Step 4: Select about Firefox


Step 5: Firefox will update after i m sorry you will certainly be asked come restart& or if Firefox is currently updated& that will display so.

Update Google Chrome

Step 1: beginning Google Chrome on desktop

Step 2: Click ellipses and hover end Help& and select around Chrome.


Step 3: Chrome will present update status and also update if required. You will should restart the web browser if the updates.


Corrupted Cache

What is this? Sometimes& internet browser cache is the culprit& if nothing. That is encourage to clear browser cache and cookies and start new to view if the error persists.

In Firefox

Step 1: Click the hamburger menu and also select Preferences.


Step 2: Click Privacy & security tab indigenous the left-hand sidebar


Step 3: Click clean Data under Cookies and also Site Data


Step 4: pick both and click Clear. Restart the browser and also see if this helps deal with the error.

In Google Chrome

Step 1: Click ellipses and also select Settings

Step 2: Click Privacy and Security native the left-hand sidebar


Step 3: Click Clear searching Data


Step 4: Click Advanced

Step 5: Click Time range and choose All Time.

Step 6: Click Clear.

Part III: Google photos Alternatives

If friend are gaining fed increase with video processing errors in Google Photos& it could be worthwhile come look in ~ Google Photos choices in 2021. Below is one of the finest Google Photos alternatives in 2021 – Mylio.

What Is Mylio?


Mylio is a more-or-less direct replacement of Google Photos and also is among the best alternatives to Google photos in 2021. It gathers and organizes your media right into one library obtainable across all your devices.

Features include facial recognition& search and also editing& and comparable to Google Photos& optimized versions are stored on-device to conserve space. The complimentary plan is capped at 25&000 photos and videos& and also you deserve to manage and also edit lock from any type of 3 devices. Mylio can duplicate the album structure of Google picture in Mylio if friend want& make the transition seamless.

Part IV: managing Google Photos v For boosted Productivity In 2021

Aren’t we all exhausted of juggling in between browser tabs and apps for the numerous cloud storage accounts we should be on top of every job in our personal and experienced lives? i will not ~ it be far better if we had something to help us save time and the hassles that jumping v apps and also tabs?

Best Cloud Drive management Solution In 2021: is emerged by the team in ~ in solution to the growing pains us all challenge – how to regulate my cloud drives in 2021? utilizing girlfriend can affix your cloud drives and also work in one user interface without the need to jump indigenous tab to tab& an application to app& anymore. And& you deserve to copy data indigenous one cloud warehouse provider to another in one click.


Migrate, Sync, manage Clouds papers in One Place

• migrate cloud files such together photos, music, documents from one drive to another, favor Dropbox to Google Drive.• back-up your music, photos, videos in one could drive to another to keep files safe.• manage all cloud drives such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, box, and Amazon S3 in one place.• Sync clouds papers such as music, photos, videos, etc., indigenous one cloud journey to another.

Step 1: gain here



Step 2: Click the monitoring module.

Step 3: include your cloud drive of choice. Right here is a screenshot of with a couple of drives connected:


Step 4: Click the drive& and also you deserve to now see your data in Every work operations& namely& Create& Delete& Copy& Rename& are available& and so is the capacity to carry files and also folders from one cloud to an additional in one click.

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Video still handling error in Google Photos have the right to be unbelievably frustrating& especially because nothing can be done around it& except trial and also error to get it come work& somehow. There is no concrete workaround guaranteed to aid if you confront this error for any kind of of her videos in Google Photos. You deserve to consider choices to Google picture in 2021 come kickstart a new adventure away from the pitfalls that Google if girlfriend wish& and Google Photos choices such as Mylio make it incredibly tempting and also easy to move over. When you room at it& you might also want come look at methods to manage your growing list the cloud drives. There is no far better solution to controlling your cloud drive in 2021 보다 a software company that rises your performance manifold since using means you room no longer compelled to jump from internet browser tab to tab and app to app& managing your data in various cloud drives. Furthermore& you deserve to transfer data from one cloud to another with a straightforward click.