you wanna posesthe me? Handcuf me?You betta wine and also dine meCop me tha biggest diamond friend can discover meSome librachi shit that'll remote meG. G hunna tiffany necklaceFly me come paris simply for breakfastSip champaine dress tha freshestHopin out tha cario place lexisMaterial girl favor madonnaMs. Trina tha pre madonnaBad bitch through tha beez an tha powerIce in mine neck and itz frozen in ma collaSo what girlfriend wanna carry out tonight?You wanna get me in tha the atmosphere tonight?Lick me under low execute what you like just make certain I gain my seed tonight.Ima male that deserve to move slowLet me get it wet first; sex, ima expertYou gon love a nigga gambling by tha following verseRaw, set, thaz right (thaz right)Lets journey (lets ride)cruz slowThaz exactly how stretched the end in tha s5Shorties tide from tha corner wen i come thruMany hoes wana holla however I desire chuYou know I gained a spot now at tha yawt houseLike a month earlier wanna walk let tha dick outNot now however we to much to protect against nowShe dun crossed her arms yea she speak to herself warm nowCool off through tha top downOh boy. Fuck wit a po boyU require a nigga prefer me girl (so real)My money much longer then tha street on yo phone call billI shouldn't hear those indigenous that i caint touchWhen I acquired you in paris prefer it aint muchFirst class, coach u know that aint usCumin bak come bak tongue lookin favor a paint brushMe and also my nigga dem feel usU fuckin wit sum dealazIma hit it like the actual usCall it real lustGirl! Don't do wait too long whyI wanna fuck u v ur pair of shoes on(grl): riiightI wanna fuck u v ur shoes on yeaaaaAll day all night long yeaaaIma wake up so strong yeaaaaaaGrl please sing this song!All tonight baby u and me we can just go somwhere grlI been wantin u babey grl u don't understand how difficult I amIll rod this cock so far in u girlIll drive u crazyIts u an me, baby take a chanceI'm fuckin girlfriend right right here on tha floorIll drive u crazzy, girl come wit me baby take a chanceIll take u where u wanted ta go; ill drive u crazzeyCheck it out ideal imma 2 in ~ time typeHead dyke, sistaz, friendz,Night stiff once I'm in those skinsQuit fightin it and also jus fight tha dickIma skeet in ~ tha emergence of tha heatPut cream on tha sheets, whip cream in tha sheetsCancel yo husband run wit a thugThen afta tha club -I'm gettin into sumthin-A few hundred is nuthinI run thru numberzFor all u newcommers aint knowThey come and also tha goI cum in castle throatSome that choke however sum of them goBut the funny point is nun the em speak noAnd y's that? Cuz the high statsCuz a nigga can't hide then dipadsWhen i fly pass u shot ta catch!Just a lil little of contactWindows down, gain a noise of that indo nowRequest sex; even tho us jus metI need a bitch a have the right to keep on deckStrictly for neck once I be on xNeva pour out drink but she sink in tha lexU gained a point for rings or regretsWit tha map tell large things come next yes.