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4h 27m
New Orleans

Information about the train from Jackson to new Orleans. The train is one of the safest modes of transport in existence, and also offers a comfortable environment for you come relax on her journey indigenous Jackson to brand-new Orleans. Finest of all, obtaining from Jackson to new Orleans is budget-friendly, v train tickets beginning at just $22. This is one estimate, therefore please contact the train ticket seller straight for an exact information.

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According come our database over there is a direct train route in between Jackson and new Orleans. Publication now to not miss out! take it a look at the obtainable schedules and use the calendar to select your preferred travel date(s).

New Orleans
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Jackson, ms (JAN)


New Orleans, LA - Union Passenger Terminal (NOL)

4h 27m




Frequently request questions

How can I gain cheap train ticket to walk from Jackson to new Orleans?

If you want to get cheap train tickets from Jackson to new Orleans we recommend the you publication in development as the finest Amtrak tickets sell out fast.The cheapest ticket is commonly $22 and also the many expensive one to go to brand-new Orleans is roughly $28. .

What time is the very first train indigenous Jackson?

Right currently we only have actually a schedule in our database and also it leaves at 11:20. This train expenses $28 and also arrives in ~ 15:47.

What companies can aid me on mine trip?

The companies that can aid you are: Amtrak.

How deserve to I gain ticket refund on Amtrak?

Each firm has the rules and also depending on the ticket, price, and also offer various refund policies apply. Us recommend the you contact the company where girlfriend bought the ticket to acquire a solution.

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How much is Jackson from new Orleans?

The almost right distance in between the two areas is 303 km. V the course we propose, it will certainly take approximately 4h 27m.

Trains indigenous Jackson multiple sclerosis

Trains to new Orleans LA

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