APERTURAS Inmediata. Molly Maid es la EMPRESA para contratarte!Estamos buscando personas confiables, trabajadoras, amables, y profesionales para limpiar casas en todo lado.Por que Molly Maid?• No se requiere experiencia en limpieza!• Entrenamiento pagado. • Grandes salarios se pueden ganar!• Vehiculo de la empresa mientras se trabaja!• No hay noches o fines de semana!• ras horas de trabajo agradables para los ninos!• Vacaciones fuera con su familia!• Un buen ambiente de trabajo!• Formas de ganas bonos que puede llegar a $1200 por anoRequisitos de trabajo:• Trabajadora y fiable• Disponible de Lunes a Viernes• Dispuesta y capaz de trabajar en casas que tienen mascotasCriterios importantes:• Debe ser autorizado legalmente para trabajar en los Estados Unidos• LLAMENOS HOY para concertar una entrevista!https://doyourpartparks.org/j/06xanjhttps://youtu.be/asF3FSbDbAw(LA OFICINA EN SOMERVILLE QUEDA APROXIMADAMENTE A 20 MINUTOS DE DISTANCIA DE MANEJO DEL AREA DE SOMERSET/NEW BRUNSWICK Y A 15 A 20 MINUTOS DEL AREA DE PLAINFIELD).

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Molly Maid"s Promise come You

Molly Maid Jobs

We pride ourselves on make a difference in ours customers’ resides by providing high-quality residence cleaning services from a name you can trust. We’ve to be cleaning houses for over 30 years and also know the our focus on good customer service and taking care of our employee will constantly be ours priority.

Our employee-focused culture is the heart of our organization and we love to recognize our independently owned and also operated franchisees’ employees for their difficult work through the Excellence in activity Award and All Star room of Fame. Recognizing individual success is so vital to our entire Molly Maid system. Learn an ext about the jobs for i m sorry our separately owned and operated franchisees are hiring.

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Ms. Molly Foundation

Come join a brand who cares and gives ago to our community. Molly Maid LLC and many the its franchisees assistance victims of domestic violence through the Ms. Molly Foundation, a 501c3 charitable organization established in 1996. The Ms. Molly structure was formed by Molly Maid founders David and Karen McKinnon due to the fact that one in four women room victims of residential violence in your lifetime. While countless victims report this crime, there are plenty of others that are just too afraid their situation is beyond anyone"s help. The Ms. Molly structure empowers neighborhoods by increasing awareness and financial support to help shelters and also agencies protect against the bike of violence in the home and also gives victims of residential violence a second chance in ~ happiness. Learn more about the Ms. Molly Foundation.