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a video game by Team Shanghai Alice
Platform: computer
Editor Rating: 9/10, based on 1 testimonial
User Rating: 8.8/10 - 8 votes
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Touhou 6 - Embodiment that Scarlet Devil, is a 2D, upright scrolling shooter the provides prolonged hours of fun while being one of the most an overwhelming games ns have ever before played. The very first of Touhou’s Project collection to be exit to Windows, the game uncovered popularity amongst old fans, and also newcomers together well. When the video game can’t portray itself together the an initial of its kind, that perfects the genre and also delivers one incomparable endure to gamers.


The storyline that the video game is relatively interesting, a mysterious mist come at Gensokyo"s Human town and blocks the sunshine from getting to its citizens. People in that village can’t perhaps survive in an atmosphere without the sun, so our heroes Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame set out come uncover that or what is behind the mist that threatens their village.


Each character has its own an inspiration to try and conserve the town Reimu as a protector and guardian desires to for sure the survive of her kind, if Marisa has actually an attention in what type of riches she can achieve on the journey. On their journey, the duo finds the Scarlet Mansion, i beg your pardon is house to Remilia Scarlet, the one responsible because that the mist. Later on on, we find that Remilia is in fact a vampire and that she developed the mist, therefore she can be comfortable during the day.


Controls are straight-forward arrowhead keys relocate the characters, Z shooting (and have the right to be hosted for automatically shooting), X throws a bomb (Spell Card), shift tightens movements, and focuses shots. The main objective is to run through levels without having actually the default three resides depleted while shooting the tide of adversaries that come your way.

Both characters possess different types of characteristics, each among them has a unique moving speed, strike range, and attack power. They likewise have 2 spells cards which comprise for four layouts of gameplay. In general, Reimu has an ext balanced stats, longer range, yet weaker attacks. Marisa at the same time is faster and stronger yet relies on a much shorter range to destroy enemies.


Touhou 6 offers 4 difficulties: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Lunatic. The game also has six playable stages and an extra stage for completion on difficulties above normal. Playing the game on basic will finish the game prematurely on phase 5, yet it will help you understand the mechanics and also the in its entirety “feel” of the game. I extremely recommend basic as the beginning point.


Normal setting is achievable while being an overwhelming enough. Difficult mode feels like a huge step up and will challenge even the many seasoned players. Finally, Lunatic mode completion is reserved for one elite team of gamers.


Touhou 6 is just one of the series most popular, and one of its finest games because that a reason. The video game provides numerous hours of fun and difficulty for the traditional players increase until difficult mode. Now, because that the important hardcore elite players, the fight to finish the video game on Lunatic difficulty will challenge you (or drive you crazy).

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If you gain arcade games and have ever wondered what happens when you throw an are Invaders and Cuphead you will find hours of fun in this game in easy, normal, and hard mode. But, if you are in it because that the challenge, if friend take space Invaders, Cuphead, Dark Souls, steroids put them in a blender what comes the end is Touhou 6’s lunatic Mode.