You attach your outside Toshiba tough drive to your computer and suddenly it mirrors a blue light or white irradiate sudddenly ? In this post we present you what it way and also explain exactly how a tough drive works, which various features a hard drive has, what they mean and which functions are the best

Blue light on your outside Toshiba tough drive means, that you are linked to your USB 3.0 port on your computer/laptop. USB 3.0 has faster data transfer rates than USB 2.0.White light on your outside Toshiba hard drive means, that you are linked to your USB 2.0 harbor on your computer/laptop. USB 2.0 has actually slower day transfer prices than USB 3.0. Affix to her USB 3.0 harbor to acquire your data transfer quicker done, if you should transfer a many data (>2GB)

What is an external hard drive ?

An outside hard journey is a storage drive the is associated to a computer via an exterior interface such together USB, Firewire, eSATA or Thunderbolt and is operated exterior the computer case. The hard disk allows external warehouse of data and can be offered for data backups, because that example.

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An exterior hard decaying is connected to a computer system via an user interface such together USB, Firewire, eSATA or Thunderbolt and, unlike an internal hard disk, is no operated within the computer case but outside. As far as storage technology is concerned, internal and also external hard disks carry out not differ. Usually, that is a

Hard Disk drive (HDD) with rotating disks and also read/write heads.In principle, an external hard disk drive can likewise be a hard State journey (SSD), which shop data utilizing semiconductor memory. However, because of lower price and higher storage capacity, HDDs conquer the market for exterior hard disk drives.

The exterior hard disks deserve to be supplied for outside data warehouse or because that data backups. As result of their small size, the tools are basic to transport and can it is in stored regardless of the computer’s location. The tough disk an innovation is defended by a durable housing.

What room the differences between the attributes of an exterior hard drives?


Are external SSD hard drives better?

Compared to difficult drives, SSDs offer substantial advantages: since they have no mechanical parts such together rotating magnetic disks and nimble read/write heads, castle work much faster and are additionally noiseless. And also they are much an ext robust: If an SSD crashes to the ground, no read/write head rattles end magnetic disks, which has currently caused the early death of many an outside hard disk – particularly in the larger 3.5-inch models. The tested 2.5-inch hard disks are substantially less sensitive, however can also resent a autumn from the workdesk if they aren’t packed the same way as the Freecom tough Drive experiment here: v a thick rubber cover.

There are additionally SSDs with particularly strong case, which market a bit more robustness ~ above the road, such together the Lacie rough Storage in the test. On optimal of that, SSDs need less energy. Hard disks nothing swallow too much power either – usually around 3 watt are enough for a 2.5-inch disk – but SSDs space even an ext frugal v a power consumption of around 1.5 watts. Notebook users in specific benefit from this economy, together it solid affects the battery life.

A further advantage is the smaller sized size and light weight: the Samsung Portable SSD T5, because that example, is barely fifty percent the dimension of a 2.5-inch difficult drive. Many SSDs experiment weigh considerably less than 100 grams. Because that comparison: The external 2.5-inch tough disks tested here weigh an median of 250 grams, which is an ext than dual the weight.

Internal vs exterior hard drive, i m sorry is better?

In check out of the clear benefits of the SSD, is over there still anything come be said for one old magnetic warehouse device? correctly – the price! whoever buys a difficult disk simply gets much more storage for the money. Come be more precise: around six times together much. Through the exterior hard journey Western Digital my Passport Ultra 4TB for right now 120 euro, the price is only 3 cents per gigabyte. Because that the exterior SSD Samsung Portable SSD T5 1TB, 180 euro space due in ~ the checkout, the price per gigabyte is 18 cents, the smaller sized 500 GB version costs around 95 euro, i m sorry is 19 cents per gigabyte. However the prices for SSD memory have actually started to slide: 5 years ago, 1 GB of external SSD storage price an average of 85 cents, nearly five times together much. And also this downward trend is most likely to proceed in the comes years.

SSDs are because of this (still) more expensive, however quieter, an ext economical and much more robust than hard drives. Yet what about the speed? room SSDs likewise faster outside the computer system or go the USB port sluggish down the turbo memory? The SSDs in the test achieved on average an ext than twice the rate of exterior hard drives. Yet the test also showed that a Generation 2 USB 3.1 port is mandatory for this. If the SSD and computer are just equipped with a USB 3.1 port of Generation 1 (formerly USB 3.0), the rate is significantly reduced.

An example: The Intenso Portable SSD 500GB with a USB 3.1 Generation 1 port controlled 254 megabytes per 2nd (MB/s) as soon as writing data, and 379 MB/s as soon as reading. In contrast, the Lacie Rugged, equipped with a USB 3.1 Generation 2 port, created data at 394 MB/s and also read data at 448 MB/s. And it goes also faster: v a Thunderbolt 3 SSD choose the Samsung X5. This is very expensive, also the 500 GB version costs 225 euro, the 1 TB and also 2 TB models even 460 euro and also 900 euro respectively. Yet the SSD is likewise megafix: The X5 managed up to 1,566 MB/s in the test when writing, and also even as much as 1,655 MB/s once reading. Currently, such a rate is still reserved for expensive skilled SSDs. However with the brand-new USB 4 standard, cheap SSDs should likewise become considerably faster in the future. Inner SSDs through PCIe an innovation remain the fastest memories, if the fastest models transport up come 3.4 GB per second.

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Cable lengths of outside hard drives

Some manufacturers room surprisingly stingy when it pertains to the equipment: The contained USB connection cables are very short in some test candidates. Freecom took the cake v the hard Drive HDD: The permanently installed link cable is a measly 4 centimeters long. After ~ all: v the exception of the Intenso Portable SSD, every tested SSDs have a modern USB-C connection. A equivalent socket is absent on the computer? perfect USB-C to USB-A adapters are included with the SSDs.