- an initial off, check White Orchard’s notice Board. It’s the an initial one you’ll come across in the game, appropriate in the centre of town, much more or less. The notice has the exact same name as the quest.

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- next you must speak to the petitioner, a dude called Odolan. He’s in a larger house on the far west finish of White Orchard. Odolan will define the problem: he needs you come take out a wraith that’s haunting his well. If you feel approximately it you can haggle the basic price up a bit, together well.
- Odolan will straight you to Hovel, a tiny settlement simply south that White Orchard. The town is now simply ‘Abandoned Village’, however, and also you’ll uncover nothing waiting for you most of the time. If there’s nothing here, use your Witcher Senses to check the grass near the well, as well as the corpse that a dog. Geralt will decide it’s a Noonwraith you’re after.
- The Bestiary will identify that Noonwraiths only present up in ~ noon, duh, for this reason plop under somewhere and also meditate till 12 pm. Then reenter Hovel. You’ll discover the adversary by the well waiting…
- … buuuut the won’t attack, or at least it won’t uneven you acquire too close to the well. If friend incur the thing’s wrath, throw down a Yrden trap and lure it in to sluggish it down substantially, climate swipe her sword till it vanishes. (You’ll need to wait one more 24 hours to see it again, however.)
- The figure of the adversary will create points of attention in the three dwellings of Hovel. Inspect them over v your Witcher’s Senses to discover a Yellowed Diary, bloodstains, and also plenty other handy items besides. Inspect the Yellowed Diary under your search Items for much more information, climate look ~ above the floor for drag marks the lead out to the well. Check the rope attached to the well because that a cut scene.
- Hop into the well once you know what you’re feather for. The Ornate Bracelet you desire is nearly directly down from wherein you land, and sparkles lightly. Head north out of the water when you’ve found the Bracelet, diving and rising as necessary, till you discover a pathway to a small pond just exterior Hovel.

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- return to the well and also choose ‘Burn Body’ top top the skeleton once you’re ready to fight. Swords up, lads!
Not too bad a hit overall, even if you’re no at level two. The adversary by the well comes in ~ you with slow, easy-to-spot swipes, and also she’s pretty basic to prevent with sidesteps. Let she swipe, then assault her with sword strokes. Yrden catch will sluggish her down. When you execute enough damages there’s a chance the evil one will produce a doppelganger come trick you, however one struggle will remove it. No huge deal.
- The adversary will autumn a bunch of make items once defeated, consisting of a Noonwraith Trophy. Take it it earlier to Odolan to finish the request and also earn her reward. (If you desire to it is in a appropriate decent bloke you can let the man keep the money for his daughter, which will certainly earn girlfriend an Amethyst instead.)
- no done yet! You have the right to do a little extra on top of clearing the well. Together you proceed along the key quest you’ll accomplish an herbalist called Tomira, throughout the quest The Beast the White Orchard. Speak come her about Claer, the woman who died in this quest, and she’ll provide you 10 gold and also a whoooole bunch of crafting items. Glee!