Configuration sorcerer’s Error while to run NCM configuration Wizard on migrated DB .

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An error arisen configuring Network construction Manager Database:

NCM configuration Wizard Logs have the right to be found under following default path.



ERROR ConfigurationProgressScene - Error when executing script - The choose permission was denied top top the thing 'Options', database 'ConfigMgmt', schema 'dbo'.

The DELETE permission to be denied ~ above the thing 'Options', database 'ConfigMgmt', schema 'dbo'..

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Resolution :

Step # 1

- created Manual User Account for NCM Under SQL Server Security and also User .

- attach to the SQL Server using SQL Studio Mgmt Console .

- increase up to security > logins > appropriate Click Logins > new Login > pick "SQL Server Authentication " chose any " Password" for the user .

(Uncheck enforce password policy )

- select Your NCM Database under "Default database"

Select "English" under "Default Language :

Now click on User Mapping > (tick) your NCM DB >

Click browse "Button" under "Default Schema" click on Browse > choose

> ok > ok

Now tick "db_owner" under "database duty membership for . (leave the public ticked as well )

Click OK now the brand-new NCM user is been developed .



- If you have actually the adhering to Error .


Simply broaden the NCM DB > defense > User > Delete the NCM User mentioned in the above Error in this case its "doyourpartparks.orgNCMUser"

Follow the Step#1 again above .

and run the NCM configuration Wizard again. -

Step # 2.

Start > run > Regedit >

Navigate come the it is registered

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>Software>Wow6432Node>>Configuration Manager>Wizard>ConfiguredModules

Duble click "KEY" 2 change the value data "True"

Once Done.


Step # 3

Re operation NCM construction Wizard.

Start > every programs > Network construction Manager > NCM configuration Wizard >

Select > Database & services > following > Select new SQL Server (Provide the new NCM User & credentials you just produced under action 1 ) > next > select the NCM Database and also complete the configuration Wizard.