I simply updated PhpMyAdmin via the command line (i included the PPA manually). I keep getting an error that claims "The secret passphrase in construction (blowfish_secret) is also short. Ns have produced my own config.inc.php paper in /etc/phpmyadmin using the command

sudo cp config.sample.inc.php config.inc.phpIn this record (my config.inc.php) I have set

$cfg<"blowfish_secret"> = "wE(G|>=VPxy}UddLC87#_#*1fDas;doifje"; and also restarted the server with

sudo service apache2 restartI also restarted the mysql server with

sudo company mysql restartI to be still acquiring the error telling me the the blowfish_secret key is too short. (Yes, I have tried setting the an essential to exactly 32 characters as well. This walk not occupational either) I have refreshed the page, cleared the cache. I also tried setup all permissions come 7

sudo chmod -R 777 phpmyadmin(JUST TO see if it would work. Don"t kill me because that being desperate XD) Still, no avail. Any type of ideas?

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As it transforms out, I had actually to modify

/var/lib/phpmyadmin/blowfish_secret.inc.phpJust put 32 (or more) arbitrarily characters between the single quotes, favor so

$cfg<"blowfish_secret"> = "GGlkGmgpsp>9_
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Please do inspect /etc/phpMyAdmin/config.inc.php

answered Sep 14 "16 in ~ 14:32

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