David Gungor and John Arndt space the minds and musicians behind The Brilliance, one unconventionally engaging praise duo with an arsenal of surprises. Their very first album brother was released with an essential acclaim, paving the means for their sophomore release. It is difficult to define their new album v a solitary sentence – over there is so lot to uncover across both lyrics and also instruments. David and John show no hesitation with every Is not Lost, perfectly arranging each and also every song right into a larger picture. With impressive melodies, impactful lyrics, and also deep themes, The Brilliance goes far past all expectations.

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Throughout that runtime, the album addresses two themes: the ache of ours world and the power of Jesus Christ. Two gentle and also light tracks present these themes, with “Oh Earth” express our no hope state. Digital pings room joined by orchestral strings the eventually construct with chimes and fade right into “Gravity of Love.” Here, the sounds brighten, the atmosphere rises, and the volume crescendos into a magnificent, majestic climax. The lyrical content transforms to worship, joyfully relenten the love that Jesus. “This is the heaviness of love,” David sings, “just together the moon complies with the sun, You’re all about me, You’re hold everything.” v an remarkable album opener, The Brilliance engages listener from the get-go and also excites them because that the remainder of the collection.

From here, there is a progression, a story linking the remainder of the tracks. Gentle and also quiet piano introduce the very first in the chain, “See The Love.” as the keys boost in intensity and vibrant strings sign up with in, the song fades from calm to hopeful, though there remains a hints of desperation. The lyrics express a desire for healing and also love in a human being that is falling come pieces. It’s a template that dead over right into the upbeat, hip-hop infused “Turning end Tables,” a fun, dance-inspiring song around standing aside each other. The climax comes v the energetic and also bold “Hear The Prayers,” where big brass and also electronic chimes fuel the listener. “Hear ours prayer, hear her people, rotate our hearts to You, make united state one,” the chorus sings! the end of nowhere, however, a haunting bridge comes, questioning “O my God, what have we done? What have we become?”

“Will We ever before Rise” capitalizes on that moment and brings listeners earlier to a somber place. Wind instruments, piano, and electronic notes hint at hope, also amidst a quiet, practically solemn melody. The track brings us into the aftermath, promising wholeness and healing if we would just surrender. “Love is breaking us, remaking us,” David sings, hinting in ~ a love higher than ourselves.

“Who Is Jesus” complies with with a rather dissonant, virtually unsettling intro that grabs the listener and also demands attention. Percussion and also strings blend together to develop a stormy melody together the most vital question ever asked takes facility stage. “Who is Jesus?” David daringly asks, “… is he a man? … is he a lamb? … is he the Christ? … the challenge of God?” Finally, everything comes together. The hurt, the pain, the hatred, the hopelessness are finally healed as soon as we, choose the track, identify Jesus as both Savior and Healer. “Forgive us, we space blind come what we do,” the leg pleads as the melody rages.

At last, there is rest. Gentle, mildly paced acoustic guitar and also light drums lead the worshipful “Holy Holy.” 2 sets of vocals overview the song, honoring our Lord and also Savior. Glory and also holiness are the themes, acknowledging Him as Savior and also God ~ above high. After the distress, the sobriety, and also the storm, The Brilliance emphasizes that our mr reigns, saves, and also heals, giving resolution to the previous tracks.

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The only way to master the genius and power of every Is Not shed is a complete listen-through, from start to end. Melodically, the acoustic and electronic mixtures space amazing, in countless ways both unconventional and impressive. When it appears as if David and also John have emptied their musical arsenal, suddenly, the following track captures listeners however again. Above all else, though, all Is Not lost tells a beautiful story, a story the a doomed civilization saved through love past ourselves and also a perfectly love Savior.