The requirement of doing pre-apex prior to the banquet was removed with Patch 92 and now you get put directly into the Banquet / Apex quest line. You can still go through the pre-apex stuff and be introduced to all the solo content but it is no longer required. You now get materials for Exodor Scout Gear along the way. You"ll get the scout gear in the first few minutes of the Apex Banquet. Updates to this post are in progress but so far it looks like it"s the same progression with different materials for rewards. The other notable change is you need to be 68 before the " A New Beginning" quest line unlocks. If you have some progress in the quest line prior to 68, you"ll be able to complete that step but the subsequent ones won"t open until you are at least level 68.

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Jump to the slightly outdated Apex quest line guide here. An article for the updated Apex quest is also progress.

Here"s what you should do once you hit level 65 in order to quickly get to the Apex quest line, herein referred to as the "Pre-Apex Quest line." In prior patches, it was up to you to gather materials and enchant your gear to reach item level 439. Once you got 439, the Banquet quest would be activated and you could start working on unlocking Apex for your character.

What is Apex?

As an aside, Apex is a series of active and passive skills that each class can unlock. In general terms, the apex skills will add 20 to 30% more damage potential and usually changes how you play your class, at least in your burn / self-buff mode. Apex was released in two steps, with some classes not having Apex skills for a while and instead they got a flat damage buff, regardless of their item level. Nowadays, Apex is available for all classes and everyone has to complete the quest line in order to get the increased damage potential. "Potential" because it"s still up to you to make the most of those added skills.

General Guidance

In simplest terms, follow the purple quest line that you will unlock upon reaching level 65. You"ll be requires to go through a series of solo content types in the game to progress through the quest. In the first few steps, you"ll get all your starter gear. Check your class guides either here on on your respective class discord server to see how to roll the gear and which set of accessories to pick based on your crit cap. At each step, you"ll get a glyph box and some enchanting materials. Use the enchanting materials on your gear to enchant and upgrade it until you reach item level 439.

You can jump ahead if you have materials saved up but the "Banquet" quest for the actual Apex quest line won"t activate until you finish the pre-apex quests.

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The rest of the article will fill in the specifics for each step of the questline. If you know your class well enough and know what you"re doing with the quest line, it should take approximately an hour to complete all the quests and get to 439. At that point you"ll have a portion of your skill glyphs unlocked, have Frostmetal +0 gear and daylight (new Tier 2 since prospect got removed) accessories, and should have some enchanting materials left over going into the Apex quest line.