ToVPatcher DISCLAIMER Requirements installed Data indict Credits & thanks A keep in mind on TROPHY.TRP
ToVPatcherVersion 1.0

ToVPatcher is a device to automate the patching process of the tales of Vesperia (PS3) fan-translation patch.

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ToVPatcher calls for the .NET structure 3.5. Please make certain it"s set up if friend run into issues.

DISCLAIMERUsage the this patch needs a PS3 console that have the right to run unsigned software, likewise known as homebrew.

We can not take responsibility for anything girlfriend may select to carry out or install in the procedure of getting homebrew usability for your PS3. Please carry out not shot to modify your PS3 unless you are fully aware of and understand the consequences and possible risks.

As of 5th of in march 2018, homebrew is feasible if her PS3 Firmware is 4.82 and also is either an early slim or fat model. Google is her friend for much more infomation.

If you are not confident, please use the virtual translation guide instead.

RequirementsTo operation this patched variation of tales of Vesperia, you will need:

A PS3 qualified of to run homebrewA copy that the Japanese PS3 video game disc of tales of VesperiaA computer to operation the patching tool

Installed DataPlease keep in mind that the Install option on the title display does not occupational properly v this patch. You re welcome delete any kind of existing Installed game Data for tales of Vesperia, shown as テイルズ オブ ヴェスペリア (インストールデータ) v a dimension of 3441 MB in the video game Data Utility ar of the XMB.

Other installed data such as DLC costumes or skits need to be compatible, however will not be translated.

There room no known save document incompatibilities. Saves developed with the original Japanese version have the right to be loaded through the patch and also vice-versa.

InstructionsExtract ToVPatcher

Extract the entire materials of the ToVPatcher archive come any, ideally empty, folder on her computer.

Get your tales of Vesperia (PS3) video game files

This is most conveniently done through inserting the game disc into a PS3 that can run homebrew, then either copying them to an USB storage tool with a document manager or delivering them over the neighborhood network with an FTP tool.

Copy the records to patch come ToVPatcher"s folder

The following records need to it is in patched:


Optionally you can likewise patch:

PARAM.SFO (Translates the game"s name in the XMB.)TROPHY.TRP (IMPORTANT: will NOT job-related CORRECTLY! SEE note AT THE BOTTOM the THIS FILE!)

Copy all of them beside ToVPatcher.exe

Acquire ebootMOD (Windows users)

To modify EBOOT.BIN, we need a method to de- and also encrypt it. Because that legal reasons, we cannot provide a device to carry out this, therefore you"ll have actually to discover it yourself. Ar all records from ebootMOD right into the noted empty "ebootmod" folder, so that the executable have the right to be found at ./ebootmod/ebootMOD.exe

I have tested this v the ebootMOD executable critical modified on march 31st, 2011, yet other versions might work together well.

Run ToVPatcher

Now it"s time to in reality patch. Run ToVPatcher.exe, and also hit the large Patch! button in the window that mister up.If you"ve adhered to this readme correctly until now, it should immediately find and patch all of the tales of Vesperia game documents you provided.

This step may take a lengthy time! as result of how story of Vesperia stores its files, it"s necessary to unpack/decompress, climate patch, and then recompress/repack the vast bulk of the game files. You re welcome be patient.

If friend for whatever reason need to interrupt the patching process, simply reopen ToVPatcher later and hit the Patch! switch again. It will recognize already patched files and also just job the continuing to be ones.

Before you proceed to the next step, please make certain all papers were spot correctly, as suggested by the environment-friendly checkmarks alongside each record in ToVPatcher.

Run ToVPatcher (Linux and also OSX)

The same Windows instructions apply except the the executable must be run with Mono.

Overwrite the original files with the patched ones

Once ToVPatcher is done, friend can discover the patched papers in ./new/patched/

Copy them earlier to your dumped copy of story of Vesperia, overwriting the originals.

Copy the patched game to her PS3

Similarly to what us did before to gain the game files from the video game disc, you deserve to now copy the modification files back to the PS3 via FTP or USB. Location them so the your preferred backup loader deserve to find and recognize them.

Run story of Vesperia!

And that"s it! You must now have the ability to boot a patched, English variation of tales of Vesperia!

Credits & ThanksThis patch provides parts that the main Xbox 360 localization that were left on the Japanese PS3 video game disc. Many thanks come Bandai Namco Games and also the initial localization team for giving a mainly solid localization because that the Xbox 360 variation of the game, and also creating the video game in the an initial place.

Other 보다 that, the following human being helped with the production of this patch:

The project Lead and also initiator that the task was Admiral H. Curtiss, also known together Pikachu025. He also did some tool programming and made the digital translation guide. The game script was interpreted by ruta and an Anonymous Chinchilla, who additionally ended up doing a lot of the editing. Castle were later on joined by Fedule to aid out through the editing.

Also special Kajitani-Eizan as the Arcane Arteist.

Special thanks go come Tempus and also AerialX for hosting the website and also providing tools from the cancelled story of Graces Wii project, throughhim413 for miscellaneous help here and there, and gbcft for helping with the tlzc compression part game documents use.

This patcher offers comptoe by soywiz for de- and recompressing part files and also xdelta to do the actual record patching. It additionally requires ebootMOD come de- and encrypt the video game executable. The virtual translation overview was motivated by the Vesperia Browser.

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A keep in mind on TROPHY.TRP

TROPHY.TRP is official signed, so the patched file will not job-related (and will, in fact, delete all your story of Vesperia trophies if you occur to have actually some!) uneven you can discover a way to make the console not confirm the TROPHY.TRP is signed correctly. I have not found such a way, however the patching procedure is noted anyway in case such a point becomes feasible in the future. Either way, it is no recommended to use a modified TROPHY.TRP paper if friend ever plan to sync her trophies v the official PSN servers.