Universities across the country and right below at the university of Florida are growing and also becoming more and much more diverse each and every year.

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Because of the ever-growing nature of university campuses, students often tend to discover their ar in smaller neighborhoods on campus whether the be Greek life, sports, or clubs. These teams tend to divide people into bigger groups, yet the on facebook group, Swampy UF mim for peak Ten publicly Teens, functions to hold together all these students.

The mim in this group are around the countless quirks of UF campus, campus culture, current news and events, and display the overwhelming admiration for president Kent Fuchs. On the surface, this memes have the right to be seen as offensive to the school yet they take on the flaws and connect these separated student groups over part light-hearted swampy memes.

Even president Fuchs has taken on the swampy meme culture.

Rebecca Ragan, started the group back in 2017, and also in just a couple of months that team had 16,000 members. Currently, the team has over 47,000 members. The main purpose for the group was a method for students to share a laugh with each other.

Ragan didn’t expect the team to blow up end a quick amount that time, yet it’s to be super successful over the past few years. Among the reasons for it’s success, is because of the team of human being she had to help. Over there are around 15 moderators because that the group and also as this moderators graduate, new admins apply to aid Ragan provide memes and moderate group conversations, which really helps break-up the duty and enable for content to be posted everyday.

Moderation is absolutely critical to the success of on facebook groups, it deserve to be straightforward for memes to be unreasonable or attack to particular people, so having actually these moderators helps ensure that group is a safe space for everyone.

Ensuring the group is a safe an are is absolutely an essential to the success the the group. Neil Patel claims to think that Facebook teams as your home, you decide what the rules are and also you decision what constitutes proper behavior. Maintaining the team positive ensures the other human being feel welcomed and also encourages other to join and participate. Constantly update the rules and also reminding world of the rules help promote the safety of the group.



Another vital to success because that this group, is the engaging conversations. Together students, we obtain so numerous emails each day about campus happenings, and also conversations around them are lugged out with the comment of memes.



Swampy mim sees at the very least 10–15 short articles a day and has a very great engagement rate. Donisha Roberts states a an essential to success for keeping engagement high is the the group must very first have a solid connection and have a actual interest in the group. It’s necessary for moderators and admins to assist initiate conversations as soon as engagement decreases.

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Another an essential is having actually conversations through a purpose. The Boston world started a facebook group, to aid facilitate daunting conversations about race in the Boston community. While swampy mim is intended for civilization to have actually fun, the a ar for student to have actually conversations about campus happenings even if it is it be scandals in the student government and holding leader accountable or discussing how the university could better handle the existing COVID-19 pandemic. But these conversations aren’t possible if the team isn’t a for sure space.


Credit to: Logan Cundiff

Swampy memes is a an extremely successful group due to the fact that of it’s dedication come authenticity, security and good taste in memes. Throughout these an overwhelming times, this group has end up being a ar for students to look for a great laugh, especially when this is every one of us appropriate now: