The exciting Pauline from Living in Paradise has invite me come take component in a 3-day Quote Challenge. I’ve do it to Day 3. Yay! You can see mine Day 1 quote post here and mine Day 2 quote post here. Instead of a last quote, i am going to end up off through a proverb. You know what it is already, due to the fact that I have actually used it as the location of this post:

“All sunshine and no rain renders a desert.”From one Arab Proverb

The desert is beautiful, yet it is not enough to sustain humanity.

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The All Sunshine and also No rain renders A Desert proverb has a details significance for me. It is my mantra and guide.

I used to fly routinely for work-related (I didn’t perform the flying. I was a passenger). Number of times, my airplane encountered major storms and turbulence, and also in the procedure I occurred a paris phobia. To their credit, my employer supported me to carry out a fear-of-flying course, operation by among our airlines. The course was very comprehensive. Ns learnt all around weather systems, exactly how weather influence flight, and also how planes space designed to cope with major weather. Ns learnt around air-traffic control, pilot training, and also safety systems, the totality works. Go you know that in one emergency, it should take only 90 seconds to evacuate a large aircraft?

Importantly, I also learned a variety of breathing and also relaxation approaches to regulate my anxiety. I consisted of the proverb in mine “relaxation” palm cards. It put every little thing in perspective. We require rain to sustain and for sustenance. I live on a dried continent and also rain is an important to re-charge the rivers and aquifers ~ above which us rely. I uncovered that if I focused on this when I to be flying, rather than on mine fear, ns was lot calmer.

A water it is provided pipe can be seen over a creek in flood.

Initially, ns took the proverb quite literally, however the saying has many layers that meaning. At least, it does for me. George bernard Shaw claimed “Life is not intended to be easy, mine child; yet take courage: it have the right to be delightful.” that is fine, but I’m no brave. How do ns take courage? some take vessel in their belief in God. Because that me, ns have confidence that with the assistance of my friends and also family, and also the an abilities I learned in my fear-of-flying course, I have the right to meet plenty of of life’s inescapable challenges, as well as have the ship to contribute to making the civilization a much better place for united state all.

The Judy Horacek card given to me upon my graduation indigenous the fear-of-flying course.

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As i am placing my confidence in one Arab Proverb, and as the is additionally currently Ramadan, I desire to take this chance to wish my Muslim friends and readers, “Ramadan Mubarak”. Thank you for your support.

Finally, instead of nominating other bloggers to take part in the challenge, i’m going to indicate other blogs, which i love. Ns invite friend to check them out, if friend haven’t already: