Some flashy action, a playful sense of humor, and a clean intuitive style carry this otherwise straightforward beat-'em-up to life.

By Ryan Davis on October 4, 2007 in ~ 6:02PM PDT

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back the Spider-Man movies have been attributed with help comic-book movie mature and also take a more sophisticated turn, the problem with all of these complex, severe heroes and also villains is, well, the they"re every so facility and serious. They lose sight that the truth that Spider-Man is far much more entertaining when he"s wheelin" complimentary and crackin" wise fairly than stressing out about the entirety "with great power" thing and generally being riddled with angst. The webslinger is in loose, smart-aleck form in Spider-Man: girlfriend or Foe, a beat-"em-up the doesn"t gain bogged under in personality development. Instead, the video game puts the emphasis on the sort of combat that"s simple but showy, v an art style that reminds you that comic publications shouldn"t necessarily be therefore somber.

What that lacks in challenge, it provides up for through style.

The endure of play Spider-Man: girlfriend or foe on the Xbox 360, PC, and Wii to be pretty consistent throughout platforms, though over there were part predictable discrepancies. The pc version needs a good gamepad, and also we discovered that the game noted seamless assistance for the Xbox 360 controller. The video game plays it pretty safe on the Wii, in that it depends on activity controls only for second stuff such together switching characters and also performing seize modifiers. All three versions attribute the very same clean art style, i beg your pardon isn"t technically demanding, yet it look at sharp. The settings favor clean structure over facility geometry, and also each location functions a distinct look while maintaining with the as whole cartoony feel. The personality models room nicely embellished, and some of the animations--Spider-Man"s in particular--look terrific. The PC and also Xbox 360 versions look pretty comparable, despite on the Wii there"s part pretty jagged edges, some minor frame-rate issues, and also a tiny fuzziness the diminishes the look of the game, if just somewhat. It appears worth noting the the accomplishments in the Xbox 360 version are pretty fabulously easy, and also they require just a little extra effort beyond finishing the game to earn the full 1000 points.

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The low level that challenge, the cartoon-inspired look, and also a tone the favors feeling over pathos certainly make that seem as if Spider-Man: girlfriend or opponent was designed through a younger, less innovative audience in mind, yet for what that is, this is a well-crafted game.