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Grandpa Simpson wade In and also Out is a renowned scene indigenous the animated television collection The Simpsons, in which Abraham Simpson start a house and also exits it immediately after spotting his nephew Bart. This step was used by many civilization online as a basis because that reaction GIFs whereby they illustrate world or teams backing out of tricky, toxic or amazing situations, and an in similar way used together an exploitable image macro in a two-panel variant.


On November 24th, 1996, The Simpsons illustration "Bart ~ Dark" aired because that the an initial time on TV. In this episode, Bart Simpson end up functioning as a doorman in a burlesque house. The most well known scene is when his grand Abraham Simpson, in a single uninterrupted looping motion, goes with the enntrance gate door, puts his hat on the hatstand, notices Bart"s presence, take away his hat earlier and exits the door. This step was first uploaded to YouTube top top July 29th, 2012, receiving end 192,000 views, 1,100 likes and 100 comment in eight years (seen below).

The exact first use the the scene together a picture is unknown, yet early examples date back to at least 2010. One such example was post to Something dreadful by user Andrew "Garbage Day" müller on February 19th, 2010.<1> Uploaded under a thread titled "Frog Blog," the write-up swapped out an image of Bart with a frog speak "get out" (shown below).



Over the years, this step was offered for miscellaneous GIFs and also image macros to describe cases where certain people or groups choose to back out from other assorted predicaments. On august 21st, 2012, one Imgur<2> user posted an edited variation of the GIF instead of Bart with one of Minecraft"s Creepers. The GIF obtained over 14,600 views in around eight years (seen below, left). On may 28th, 2013, another example was posted to the imageboard Derpibooru showing Twilight Sparkle in place of Bart, which obtained 210 favorites, 334 upvotes and 14 comments in around seven year (seen below, right).<3>


On February 26th, 2018, YouTuber<4> 20fadhil: revolution uploaded a 10-hour variation of the scene, receiving nearly 5,000 views, 188 likes and 66 comment in virtually three year (shown below).

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In December 2019, Imgflip<5> user theexplodedninja posted one more example come the site using the two-panel version of the meme, receiving over 4,400 see in one year (seen below, left). On October 10th, 2020, Redditor Jordz0_0 post a different to the /r/MemeTemplatesOfficial<6> sub showing an instance of the meme, receiving over 160 upvote in roughly two months (seen below, right).