The pan club leader was enamored through Tejano singer, i m sorry lead she to ultimately take the 23-year-old’s life on march 31, 1995.

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Yolanda Saldívar began her route down the murderous road when she started the Selena pan Club in 1991, prior to working her way all the means up to a reliable confidant for the singer. However after Selena Quintanilla’s dad, Abraham Quintanilla, found ideas that Saldívar was embezzling money from the singer’s boutiques, the father-manager demanded she prove her innocence. The possibility of losing every little thing she love inadvertently drove Saldívar to kill the singer.

“Yolanda want to kill Selena because Selena was firing Yolanda. She wouldn’t exist if she didn’t have actually Selena. And also if she didn’t occupational for Selena, she didn’t desire to occupational for anybody,” Carlos Valdez, a district judge in Nueces County, Texas who offered as the lead prosecutor in Saldívar subsequent killing trial, later told A&E real Crime.

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Saldívar began a pan club because that the singer and also managed she boutiques

Saldívar’s relationship with the Quintanillas started in 1991 — the same year the then-30-year-old obtained her patent as a registered nurse — as soon as she contacted Abraham to speak about starting a pan club for the Tejano singer.

Saldívar had attended one of Selena’s concerts and also wanted to begin a club in mountain Antonio, i beg your pardon later thrived to end 1,500 members in the four years she to be involved. As the pan club thrived under Saldívar’s leadership, the Quintanillas began to entrust she with an ext and an ext responsibilities.

Saldívar was eventually advocated to regulate Selena’s brand-new boutiques for her clothing line and even regulated the singer’s service checking accounts. Saldívar likewise had a key to the house Selena mutual with her husband, guitarist Chris Pérez.

The registered nurse quickly came to be intrinsically associated in Selena’s life, despite others around her saw several red flags around her obsessive behavior.


Selena Quintanilla performing in 1995

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Her devotion come Selena turned into a possessive attachment

By number of accounts, that seems Saldívar started ending up being dangerously obsessed with the singer she admired. According to an article published in Texas Monthly shortly after Selena’s death, Saldívar’s apartment to be “like a shrine” because that the singer.

Martin Gomez, one of the developers who common office room with Saldívar, was likewise alarmed v her attachment.

"She was an extremely vindictive. She was an extremely possessive of Selena," Gomez, climate 30, told The Washington Post job after Selena’s death.

"She'd get, like, an extremely angry if you crossed her. She would play so plenty of mind games, say human being had said things they hadn't said,” he explained. “So countless things would occur to the garments I was working on. Ns knew that I had finished a certain piece, yet I would come earlier from a expedition to new York and also the hems would be ripped out. It was very strange."

Gomez at some point quit his project after several strange run-ins with Saldívar, 6 weeks before she eliminated Selena. The left through a last warning come the singer.

"The last speak to I had with Selena, the critical call, i told she to be careful," Gomez recalled saying. "It was very weird. I was an extremely afraid the Yolanda. Yet I never ever thought she would hurt Selena. I never ever thought it would involved this."

Selena rocking a casual look through a bound white-collared shirt and jeans

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Selena attract one her most iconic outfits when performing in concert in February 1995

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Selena in a white halter dress at the 36th Grammy Awards in ~ Radio City Music hall in new York City in 1994

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Selena wearing a black color embellished ensemble in 1994

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A crushed velvet environment-friendly floral bustier, bolero jacket and also miniskirt worn through Selena

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A fan poses v a picture of herself v Selena in a black bustier in ~ the "Selena Vive!" concert in ~ Reliant stadion in Houston, Texas on April 7, 2005

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A confrontation in between the pair came before Selena's murder

After civilization started getting to out come Abraham about missed payments and also receiving nothing native the fan club after payment dues, he began to investigate Saldívar and became convinced she was embezzling money.

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On march 9, 1995, Abraham, Selena and her sisters Suzette confronted Saldívar and accused she of steal money indigenous the boutiques and also the fan club. Abraham fired Saldívar on the spot, despite Selena supposedly kept in contact with her together she essential several gaue won documents Saldívar had.

Saldívar stalled because that weeks before telling Selena to fulfill her at a motel on march 31 so she could administer the records. After briefly stalling again by telling Selena she had actually been sexually struck in Mexico, which caused a trip to the hospital, the two women went back to the job Inn in body Christi, Texas, where Selena when again request the documents.