The Fortnite: battle Royale Season X, main 8 secret battle star may have associated Batman, yet here in main 9, points are much less exciting with the “Ready or Not” limited-time mission set of challenges. These were released Thursday together the “Bullseye!” premium mission collection of challenges.

Just like every other week so much this season, the limited-time difficulty set is only around for a seven-day period, v one new challenge unlocking every day in ~ the normal 9 a.m. East time. Once players finish three the the seven challenges, lock unlock a distinct loading screen with a clue in the that likewise grants lock the privilege the tracking down a one-of-a-kind prize, normally what people call a “secret battle star.” That’ll lot to whole tier on the Season X fight pass, therefore for civilization who often tend to complete a many of difficulties anyway, it’s totally worth it.

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The picture shows a couple of creepy looking skins hiding out as a new figure emerges from a brightly lit doorway.


Above the doorway is a faint illustration that, top top closer inspection, is unmistakable the tomato head idol venerated by the ancient peoples that this land, as seen in Tomato Temple. Method back in Season 5, among the blue rifts transported Tomato Town’s tomato head mascot with time, so world worshipped the idol together a king or god, structure a holy place in his honor and also crafting a crown do of dining utensils. That pretty lot one the the many ridiculous points to take place in Fortnite history.

But Tomato Temple used to be in the northeast quadrant the the map now populated by the large volcano. For this reason where have the right to folks discover the brand-new Tomato holy place head?

The an enig battle star should spawn atop the tomato head sculpture at the highest point of the area, for this reason you’ll probably want to land straight there ~ completing every one of the challenges.

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Here’s a closer look at at all of the ready or no challenges:

Search supply DropsSMG EliminationsLand at Polar peak or Moisty Palms in various matchesDeal damage with Sniper Rifles come opponentsGain healthSearch Chests in a single matchVisit Dusty Depot and Pleasant Park in the same match

Like all loading screen challenges this season, this one will just be easily accessible until all set or no ends, in ~ the start of the next weekly reset top top Thursday. Players have until 9 a.m. Eastern on Thursday, October 3 to access “Ready or Not” challenges, the loading screen, and the main 9 treasure.