Plastic, leather, and love all power supreme through Up In her Face’s production of Saucy Jack and also the space Vixens. Not acquainted with the show? In 1995, this insanity campy room musical/murder mystery/rock opera was the blitzkrieg hit of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Lucky me, I observed it in Scotland the year, the very first week the the Festival (before you couldn’t get tickets for love no one money), and also in a year with over 500 productions, SJ&TSV became the absolute have to see. Due to the fact that that time, it’s never been turn off the stage, with performances about the globe.

Awash in double, triple, and also quadruple entendres, the plot is completely unbelievable and fully irrelevant: young meets girl in a an are bar ~ above some remote planet, girl meets girl in same room bar, ditto for plastic-loving German scientist and also hunky bartender, the trio the buxom, bouncing room Vixens settle some murders, anyone wears communication shoes, and also who really cares what else, just sit back and enjoy.

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Some the the highest possible highlights were the voices that Lorna Ryan as Chesty (and Vulva and also Shirley) and Emily ‘EJ’ Jonas as Bunny; goodness, those two have the right to sing. As Dr Von Whackoff, Jonathon Barger just needs to do the rubber-faced side-glancing eyes thing and also we room with him every the way. It’s a funny part anyway, and also his overwrought German interval is grandly end the top. Together Jack, Tony Lemus has actually a fine voice however misses the note of the character: he simply isn’t oily and seductive enough: his Jack is an ext Fonzie and less Frank-N-Furter.

Yet the actual standout is Peelee Clark together Booby Shevalle, a transvestite waitress with a track in her heart and not too many marbles upstairs. You just can’t prevent watching him, whether dancing, singing, flinging a few zingers or just lounging at the bar in the background. That’s not a surprise: together producer, director and choreographer, Clark has more credits come his surname than many of the cast combined, and an impressive expert career. Yet someone that Clark’s caliber in the actors has the unfortunate effect of making some of the weaker performers watch punier by comparison.

Saucy Jack and also the room Vixens closes July 28, 2019 Details and tickets


It’s regrettable the the show’s music is prerecorded, and also that the room at honey Stage just isn’t appropriate for this production: a basement room with lousy acoustic is no ar for Saucy Jack’s bar. And also on premiere night, sound was so muddy you couldn’t make out the excessively witty lyrics, and the snap-crackle-pop that cheap microphones was enough to journey one come distraction. Let’s hope the gets attended to prior to the following performance.

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But I’m no going come dwell top top its couple of defects: the display is an excellent regardless. Regardless of the technical problems and the relative inexperience of few of the performers, the cast as a entirety has enough chutzpah, energy and downright charm come infect any kind of crowd. It’s the kind of show you clap follow me to, yell encouragement to the cast, and also even snap her fingers in addition to the dancers. And also it’s the least suitable show you’ll ever before see in a church, to trust me. Who could resist songs prefer “Glitter Boots saved My Life,” “All I need Is Disco,” and also “Saucy Jack’s”?

More plastic! an ext leather! much more love!

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