A tragedy gift Laurel with the possibility to reinvent herself as her idolized pair sister, Audrey. As she eases into the life she has constantly wanted, she need to decide in between continuing the lie or revealing herself as the perfect fraud.

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Sadie think she"s walking insane. Edmund is sure he"s gift haunted. And also Henry, fine Henry"s just racing daylight.

Pop"s last inquiry is because that his young to proceed the household name. Once his brother dies trying, Jeff leaves the seminary and also encounters crazy women and also odd ball characters.

"Charlie"s Party" is a sexually fee comedy about a team of friend from university coerced into reuniting because that a "partner-swapping" weekend by their former ringleader, the formidable Charlie. The movie is both a frank and funny look at at modern sexual relations, while at the same time experimenting the emptiness and also dissatisfaction the a group of young urbanites realizing they"re not whereby they want to be.

A comic drama around a time in the near future as soon as citizens room happy to be property traded top top the share exchange.

Numbers (stylized together NUMB3RS) is one American crime drama television collection that ran ~ above CBS from January 23, 2005, to March 12, 2010. The series was developed by Nicolas Falacci and Cheryl Heuton, and follows FBI one-of-a-kind Agent Don Eppes (Rob Morrow) and his brothers Charlie Eppes (David Krumholtz), a college mathematics professor and prodigy, who helps Don resolve crimes for the FBI. Brother Ridley and also Tony Scott developed Numbers; its manufacturing companies room the Scott brothers" Scott free Productions and CBS tv Studios (originally great Network Television, and later CBS paramount Network Television).
Parker Posey and also Sabrina Lloyd talk about an assortment of involves in Hal Hartley"s THE sisters OF MERCY, all loosely connected to a track by the Breeders. It is both a film about real heritage dilemmas and a film about the make of a film around real heritage dilemmas. Sort of.
A romantic comedy the takes a rare look in ~ romance and relationships indigenous a decidely various angle...the unapologetic male point of view. The Breakup Artist is a no-holds-barred, soul-baring look in ~ one man"s battles with life, love and also his unending search to uncover a woman he deserve to stay with...for much longer than six months. Before the Breakup Artist can learn indigenous the troubled romantic damages of his past...he must overcome the one debilitating date disorder that has actually addled him every one of his life...RADD (Romantic fist Deficit Disorder)!
Rand, Winston, and Johnson have a little tech startup company in the just Area that"s occurring a artificially-lived computer system character, Koy Koy the bird, who can hear and also see and also interact with the user. Koy Koy gets put in a youngsters schoolroom because that testing, and Rand establishes a connection with one of the teachers, Sarah. Edge learns that his scientific understanding of person mating isn"t necessarily a roadmap because that the actual thing.
Endurance is an American truth television children"s program, previously presented on the Discovery children cable network in the United claims and likewise on networks in various other countries. The show"s format is somewhat similar to the television series Survivor, through a teenage cast. Endurance contestants live in a remote location and also participate in miscellaneous mental and also physical challenges, return Endurance contestants contend as bag (one boy and also one girl), and also the outcome of the competitions determines which pair of players is eliminated.

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Road Drama (2004) Struggling to hold together she train destructive family, Kelly tracks down her drifter brother to a seedy, remote island off Chile and also discovers him living v a ragged team of expatriates.
Wendy, Veda, and also J.C. Are part of southern California"s thriving figure skating neighborhood - the bottom part. Luckily this is America, the floor of opportunity, whereby a dream in your heart and an individual gain in her sights can propel nearly anyone to stardom. Through this in mind Wendy, Veda, and J.C. Room fighting their method to Olympic glory. But first they have to win the regional Competition - and also there can only it is in ONE winner. Will certainly it be Veda? The beautiful ice princess that responds to her over-bearing mom by consistently puking up she lunch. Or Wendy? The plus-size skater v the super-plus libido. And also what around J.C.? The orphaned trailer park girl who"d gladly trade you a load of smokes for a sequined thong. Under the watchful stare of Zamboni Phil, the girls train, toil and also plot their method to success. Let the gamings begin!