The Saberstalkers is a neutral faction in Tanaan Jungle. Farming reputationwith them rewards you with the usual items (pets, mounts, etc.) and also Saberstalker Teachings: Trailblazer,which increases your mount speed in Tanaan Jungle by 15%.Reaching reveredwith this faction is required for the Tanaan Diplomatand also Tanaan Diplomat achievements.

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Reputation with The Saberstalkers can be farmed mainly throughkilling mobs in Fang"rila and completing the weekly Rumble in the Junglequest, which gives +3,500 reputation.

Additionally, a daily quest is sometimes offered to you at Lion"s Watch or Vol"mar.

Finally, you can feight Medallion of the Legion, but this is verytedious.

In the sections below, we detail all of these reputation gains.

All mobs in Fang"rila give +25 reputation with the Saberstalkers, with the exceptionof 4 Elite mobs who give +500 reputation. These 4 Elite mobs are:

These 4 Elite mobs are:

Only The Blackfang requires a tank to defeat, the other mobs can be soloed.

Rumble in the Jungle is a weekly quest given to you by Z"tenga the Walker and thatgrants you 3,500 reputation with the Saberstalkers upon completion. It requires youto defeat Akrrilo, Rendarr, and Eyepiercer at the Blackfang Arena.

Each of these champions needs to be activated by using a specific totem in the Arena. Thesetotems are sold by Z"tenga the Walker.

Once summoned, these mobs cannot be tagged, so you can get creditfor the kill by attacking them if they have been summoned by someoneelse. They can be soloed (except maybe for Eyepiercer) and the

Champion"s Honor buff is veryuseful for tanking them.

Note that you need to wait until the corpse of the previouslykilled mob has despawned before summoning a new one.

Medallion of the Legion increases your reputation with all of thefactions of Draenor by 1,000. The reputation increase is subject to reputationbuffs, such as

Diplomacy (the Human racial, +10%),
WHEE! (fromthe Darkmoon Faire carrousel, +10%),or the +20% bonus from your TradingPost, Level 3. So, try to save the medallions for when the Darkmoon Faire isrunning, and if you have a Trading Post, Level 3, then make sure to use themin Draenor (otherwise the reputation bonus will not apply).

Medallion of the Legion has a chance to drop from 4 mini-bosses that you can find inTanaan Jungle:

When these mobs spawn in Tanaan (with a respawn time that seem to vary between 1 and 2 hours), you get zone-wide warnings:

for Deathtalon, Shadow-Lord Iskar yells Behind the veil, all you find is death!;for Doomroller, Siegemaster Mar"tak yells Hah-ha! Trample their corpses!;for Terrorfist, Frogan yells A massive gronnling is heading for Rangari Refuge! We are going to require some assistance!;for Vengeance, Tyrant Velhari yells Insects deserve to be crushed!.

The problem with these mini-bosses is that as soon the warning appears, players in the areawill kill them very rapidly, leaving you very little time to reach them and have a chance toloot the corpse.

Blackfang Claws are dropped by mobs in Fang"rila at a rate of about 5 claws per mob killed.You can also obtain them when the Tooth and Claw daily quest is offered to you in Lion"s Watch or Vol"mar. The sole use for Blackfang Clawsis to buy you the rewards from the Saberstalkers" quartermaster (see next section).

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The quartermaster for the Saberstalkers is Z"tenga the Walker,who is located at the entrance of Fang"rila. Inthe table below, you will find the rewards that he sells.

Item Rep. / Cost Note
Saberstalkers Battle Standard
friendly 30
Contract: Pallas
honored Has the
Apex Predator trait, which greatly increases success chance when fighting many creature types
Wild Goretusk honored Mount
Saberstalker Teachings: Trailblazer revered 700 Increases mount speed by 15% in Tanaan
Savage Cub
revered Pet
Bristling Hellboar exalted Mount
Saberstalkers Tabard
exalted 10

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