The reunion episode of RuPaul’s traction Race must be overflowing through drama, and that’s precisely what we obtain in tonight’s episode. I was no a pan of the brand-new reunion format when it debuted throughout last year All Stars 2, but it works much better for a fresh team of queens that hasn’t fully adjusted come post-Drag Race fame. These emperors are quiet figuring out how to navigate life after ~ Drag Race, and also this illustration is a fascinating look in ~ them negotiating their time on the display with their endure afterward. Yes sir still that awkward hollowness in ~ the start as the queens reunite in a huge theater v no one in the seats, but that easily dissipates once the contestants begin commenting about the biggest moments this season. (My appropriate reunion situation would have actually the monarchs on the runway v an audience that reacts to those happening top top stage, however I think RuPaul likes convert up the setup for this episode.)

RuPaul provides a wise decision in structuring this episode approximately the significant stories the this season rather than concentrating on every individual queen, and also while that means some that the contestants fade right into the background, it creates a lot much more conflict because that the cameras. This also makes the illustration an evaluate of just how well the queens deserve to grab display time, not unlike Untucked. Are you willing and able come speak up and get display screen time by saying points that the editor will want to include? not everyone is, and also it’s not a surprised that the season’s most forgettable emperors don’t have actually much to contribute in this episode.

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RuPaul beginning the reunion through reading, particularly by concentrating on Alexis Michelle’s reactions to the other queens calling her out on she body image problems when they know she is sensitive around that topic. Alexis do the efforts to defend herself by talking about how they had just questioned body photo a couple of episodes prior to visiting the library, yet nobody is having this excuse, especially because Alexis had actually no trouble on calling out other kings on things that lock had created they to be insecure about, choose Shea and her teeth.

Ru reiterates that the library is choose the Friar’s Club, where people can speak openly about other people’s flaws and also insecurities and everyone laughs about it, and also she bring a pair of analysis glasses to identify whether or not Alexis really has grown the thick skin she states she has. Trinity immediately goes because that the sore spot by compare Alexis’ body to a love husband ham because that’s the type of bitch she is, and also to Alexis’ credit, she doesn’t look as well rattled through it. Beginning the illustration off with a analysis session is a very smart means of ratcheting up the drama beforehand on, and also it sets a tone that is preserved throughout the remainder of the episode.


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Jaymes Mansfield it s okay one an excellent read in directed at Valentina (“I had actually a really an excellent read for Valentina, yet I can not remember the words”), but otherwise she doesn’t have actually anything come say in this episode. She’s not the just queen that is quiet, and I don’t know if that the editing and enhancing that diminishes their roles, however Cynthia Lee Fontaine and Kimora Blac additionally don’t have actually much come say, if they to speak anything in ~ all. Cynthia has actually so small to to speak in this episode that the feels choose she’s not also a part of the season, and also she doesn’t engage with any kind of of the drama. She speaks as soon as she’s handing over the miss out on Congeniality trophy, but even then it’s simply to give thanks to her fans.

After the reading, Ru switches gears come talk around this season’s shocking eliminations, and also while some of these moments to be pretty disappointing, lock did make for part dramatic The queens have no patience because that Charlies Hides’ excuses because that why she totally threw in the towel throughout her lip sync, and Shea in particular wastes no time shutting under Charlie’s claim that she had a broken rib that maintained her from performing come the finest of she ability. Charlie no fare well at all this main (the pipe cleaner “Charlie” on she head likewise looks cheap together hell), and also she deserves all of the judgement she it s okay from the other queens. She has actually so numerous excuses that she can’t keep them every straight, and also the only conclusion I can come to concerning Charlie is that she was all set to go home and didn’t stroked nerves to try lip syncing for her life.

Trinity and Shea may as well be sponsored by Lipton considering exactly how much tea they offer in this episode, but I suppose that from those queens. Because that me, the breakout star the this reunion is Farrah Moan, and I’m together surprised as everyone else. She recreates her very .gif-able moment when Eureka was eliminated and has an epos eye roll when Alexis Michelle complains around being review for she body, yet she yes, really shines later on in the episode. When asked come “Toot or Boot” Eureka’s hair loaves, Farrah states she “loaved” it, and RuPaul take away a moment to commend Farrah for properly executing a good pun: “Y’all, Farrah simply made a an extremely funny joke and also she yielded it really beautifully. Provide her a huge round of applause.” the a hilarious minute of RuPaul calling the end a queen that was pretty damn boring every season, and also Farrah runs through this momentum and continues to make herself stand the end in a method she never ever did during the season.

When RuPaul asks the queens to critique the chairs provided by among their sponsors, Farrah says, “They’re perfect, they’re beautiful, they look favor Linda Evangelista,” and it’s both a really good callback and also a display of her extreme resentment the Valentina, which yes, really comes out as soon as Valentina is named miss Congeniality. Comment by Valentina are often followed by unimpressed reaction shots from Farrah, setting up the blow-up that occurs as soon as Valentina gets miss out on Congeniality and the $5,000 that comes through it. No one of the monarchs are happy with Valentina earning this title, and also most of that resentment comes from Valentina no being congenial. Aja is the first queen to call bullshit (of course), however everyone rather is fast to run onto the irony the the season’s most selfish queen being called the most congenial.

I had actually heard rumblings the Valentina to be disliked by the rest of the queens, and also this episode renders it very clear that they did not prefer her throughout the competition and also still organize onto those feelings. The monarchs won’t expropriate Valentina’s excuses for completely botching the lip sync that acquired her eliminated, and with both Charlie and also Valentina, you establish that placing no effort into the lip sync is one unforgivable offense. Alexis make the efforts to wake up for Valentina, yet Shea immediately shuts she down and also tells her to avoid trying come redeem herself to Valentina’s fans, many of whom assaulted Alexis since they feeling she need to have offered herself up for elimination, which is a ludicrous idea. Valentina’s pan were extremely unreasonable when coming to the defense of your queen, and Valentina compares it s her to Selena in make the efforts to explain why she fans room so passionate around her. This just makes everyone else even much more angry, and also they come because that her through their claws the end for no trying to cool down a fanbase the was attacking she season 9 sisters.

Valentina is appropriate that she elimination was a “darn an excellent episode” that offered her a telenovela ending, however this illustration reveals the dark side of her that the cameras didn’t show, yet the remainder of the contestants definitely saw (and room still seeing). Valentina didn’t shot to do anything to prevent her pan from going ~ her competitors on society media as soon as she to be eliminated, and while she tries to justify her street by saying the she’s not active on society media, Shea calls her out by saying she was constantly checking her feed while they were on the promotion tour. (Shea go a lot of calling out this week and I love her for it.) Shea likewise brings up Valentina saying she would stand up because that Nina if she fans walk after her, i m sorry is an additional thing that never happened.

I entirely understand why Valentina would try to disconnect after suffering such a major disappointment, yet when she silence is causing difficulties for the other queens, she should connect with she fans and also tell them to stop. She did that this day on she Instagram a couple of hours prior to the reunion episode aired, yet it feels prefer her covering her ass rather than a actual attempt to protect against the strikes that have been walk on for weeks now. No one of this is specifically congenial, and also then Farrah attacks Valentina for not speaking to she for the last 5 months when they did every little thing together during the competition. Farrah’s grown it s her a backbone since her time top top the show, and also if she was this honest and also funny during the show, she more than likely would have gone even further.

Ultimately, the queens decide that Valentina won “fan favorite” fairly than miss out on Congeniality, and they aren’t wrong. Congeniality implies a details amount that compassion and also selflessness that Valentina didn’t show the other queens, and Ru doesn’t try to struggle back versus this. She accepts that this is just how the contestants feel, yet she’s not going to take this award away from Valentina. She gets the title and also the money, and she’ll just have to live v the blows this it is intended to she reputation. She’ll more than likely be fine, and at the finish of the day, Valentina is quiet responsible for some of the most dramatic moment of the season, which renders her one invaluable player in this year’s game.

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The last four queens are going to it is in in a lip sync showdown to recognize who wins, and while ns doubt that going to be the case, ns hope the entire finale is the final four lip syncing until RuPaul provides a decision around who wins. No recaps of various queens’ arcs, just nonstop lip syncs.RuPaul pronounces .gif v a tough g, for this reason I have even more respect because that her.I to be obsessed through Sasha’s look in this episode. The mohawk looks great, yet it’s the garment that really impresses me, v a form that distinguishes she from everyone else on stage. She looks fantastic.I am so exhausted of the Nina Bo’Nina Brown narrative this season. She’s deeply insecure and also paranoid, and also she doesn’t watch herself as part of the difficulty at all. Whatever is an outside threat, and RuPaul is trying so tough to convince her that the call is coming from inside the house. I hope she can find that confidence in herself to protect against thinking the the human being is plotting versus her, but I don’t want to watch her until she it s okay to that point.Eureka was forced to leave the compete early, therefore she takes advantage of this moment to reclaim few of the spotlight and is an extremely vocal. (She also has some really good reaction shots.) i’m excited to watch her come back next season, and I think we’re walk to watch her drag considerably elevated once she does.I’m still angry the Lisa Kudrow no a guest judge and her “Ruber Black” minute doesn’t carry out anything to diminish those feelings. Bring ago Lisa Kudrow!!!!Don’t furious us v Cheyenne Jackson in assless chaps. That’s simply cruel.I’m a small Mix stan (go ahead and judge me), so i’m thrilled to view Drag Race’s American Apparel girl Alaska, Courtney Act, and Willam reunited in the video clip for their new single, “Power.”“That’s why I speak to you the Joan that Arc that drag. Good ideas, badly executed.”“This was a year the shocking eliminations, and I’m not talking about what walk on between you and your Squatty Potty.” RuPaul is walking to keep making the Squatty Potty money yet he can.“That’s precisely what her reaction is when her sugar dad takes away her credit transaction card.”“My knee’s quite good, I’m earlier to suckin’ dick.”“Do i look uncomfortable to you?” i hope someone transforms this right into a .gif therefore it deserve to be offered for countless a social media reaction.“I not wanna to speak I read her, I just aggressively complimented her.”“You are secretly one little bitch.”“The assembly was…No. The dress was…No.” an extremely clever, Todrick.Fortune Feimster: “I favor your nails. Those are fuuuuuuun.” Michelle: “Definitely not lesbian friendly. Slicing vulvas everywhere I go.”“Your hat looks choose a hairy foreskin.”“It kinda looks favor gay birds shit on her arm.”