Paskenta tape of Nomlaki Indian lack Chairman Andrew Alejandre cut the ribbon to the newly broadened Rolling Hills Clinic in Red Bluff Tuesday. (George Johnston — everyday News)

RED BLUFF — The Paskenta tape of Nomlaki Indians hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony Tuesday afternoon to celebrate the opening of its broadened Rolling Hills Clinic in Red Bluff.

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Executive manager Carole Veloso said the clinic now has actually nine check rooms and also four medical professional offices. The will have primary care and gynecological services ideal now, with the goal to increase those services to obstetricians and also pediatricians. The clinic is spring at sports medicine and also hiring a surgeon as well.

Executive manager Carole Veloso shows off the new low-level and adjustable treatment chairs in ~ the roll Hills Clinic in Red Bluff. (George Johnston — day-to-day News)

Renovations space still underway for a laboratory inside the clinic.

“We will have on-site rap capabilities because we do not have that and we have to go out, and also that’s inconvenient,” Veloso said.

The optimal floor is empty and also Veloso claimed the arrangement is to have actually radiology, physics therapy, a pharmacy and also other solutions up over there soon.

“This site will allow us to bring in brand-new primary treatment physicians and practitioners come provide more care to the people,” Veloso said. “I am an extremely happy to it is in doing that and proud to it is in a part of it.”

Around two weeks ago, Veloso hired Dr. Akua Agyeman to offer as the clinic’s clinical director. Agyeman is plank certified in internal medicine and pediatrics. As shortly as she gets she feet on the ground, Agyeman will certainly be working in the Red Bluff and also Corning clinics.

Tribal Chairman Andrew Alejandre said as Nomlaki people, the tribe members must continue caring because that one another, neighboring native communities and also the Tehama county community.

“We together a people understand just how fortunate we are,” Alejandre said. “We know our abilities. As a consistent core worth of the tribe, we want to re-publishing that through our community, with every one of our communities.”

Alejandre stated the tribe would provide quality treatment with the clinic’s staff and providers’ assistance.

Assemblyman James Gallagher concerned the ribbon-cutting, speaking in support of the tribe’s efforts in broadening the clinic.

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The roll Hills Clinic in Red Bluff is in ~ 2526 Sister mary Columba Drive and also can be got to at 690-2778.