to deprive of something unjustly or injuriously: The team was robbed the a residence run hitter when the umpire referred to as it a foul ball. The shock plunder him the his speech.

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rob Peter to salary Paul, to take something native one person or point to salary one's blame or hypothetical debt to another, regarding sacrifice one's health and wellness by overworking.
First recorded in 1175–1225; center English robben, indigenous Old French robber, native Germanic; compare Old High German roubōn.See reave1
1. Rob, rifle, sack describe seizing possessions that belong come others. Rob is the general word for taking possessions by unlawful force or violence: to rob a bank, a house, a train. A term v a more restricted definition is rifle, to make a thorough find for what is an important or worthwhile, usually within a tiny space: to rifle a safe. On the various other hand, bag is a term because that robbery top top a large scale during war; it suggests destruction accompanying pillage, and often contains the indiscriminate massacre that civilians: to bag a city or district.

OTHER WORDS from rob

un·robbed, adjective

WORDS THAT might BE confused WITH rob

burglarize, mug, rip off, plunder , steal

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roar up, roast, roaster, roasting, roasting ear, rob, robalo, roband, Robbe-Grillet, Robben Island, robber

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a male given name, type of Robert.

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What does plunder mean?

To plunder is to steal, particularly by pressure or through threats of violence.

A human being who robs is referred to as a robber, and the action of robbing is dubbed robbery.

A robber have the right to rob a human being or a place, such together a residence or business. The action of robbing a human being on the street is often dubbed mugging. The act of robbing a bank is called financial institution robbery and a human who does that is referred to as a bank robber. Armed robbery requires robbing a human being or location while armed with a weapon.

Rob and also steal are frequently used interchangeably in regards to their basic meaning, yet their usage within a sentence often differs. Words rob often focuses on the victim of the theft (whether the a human being or a place), conversely, steal often concentrates on what has been stolen. So you have the right to rob a bank, a person, or a house, whereas girlfriend steal money, diamonds, or cars. A financial institution robber doesn’t steal financial institutions (unless castle Carmen Sandiego, maybe)—they stealing money indigenous banks.

However, words rob is sometimes adhered to by the word of and also the point that’s been taken, together in She robbed me of countless dollars! 

The word rob can also be used in a kind of figurative way definition to unfair deprive someone of something, especially something summary or intangible. If someone stays clear of you from doing something, you have the right to say they plunder you the the possibility to execute it. Death is said to rob united state of our love ones. If someone loses a vain not because they were fairly defeated but due to the fact that of part technicality, they might say “I to be robbed!”

Unrelatedly, the name Rob is short for Robert.

Example: The suspect is accused that robbing seven banks during a three-month period.

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The very first records that the verb rob come from around 1200. It originates from the center English robben, definition “to rob.”

The word rob is provided in numerous idioms, several of which use it in a literal sense and some the which use it in a figurative sense. To rob the till is come steal from one’s employer, such together by acquisition money from the cash it is registered (a till is a money drawer). To rob someone blind is come steal a most money or other things native them or to thoroughly cheat them out of something through deception. To rob Peter to salary Paul is to take it money or resources that room intended because that one thing and also apply them come another. An example is obtaining a loan native one human being in order to salary a blame to an additional person, or taking resources from one department in a agency to benefit another.