During video game 5 the the ALCS, third baseman Rafael Devers thwacked a hit that damaged his bat in fifty percent — then a lucky Red Sox fan captured it perfectly.

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The Red Sox stayed scoreless in the 2nd inning when third baseman Rafael Devers came as much as bat. Fueled with the vengeance of having actually to pat post-Laz Diaz fiasco, Devers drove a hit that literally damaged his bat in half.

Devers held the base of the bat while one fifty percent went flying right into the stands, where a lucky Red Sox fan captured the piece of Fenway background and conduct to organize it up prefer Braveheart.

“Oh wow…”announcer Joe Buck claimed as he watched the bat sail right into the wait hand of the exuberant fan.

“How great is that?” fellow announcer john Smoltz replied.

“That is amazing,” Buck surmised, calling the pan “the hero that the second inning.”

On Twitter, Red Sox pan reacted come the incredible bat-breaking moment.

A Red Sox fan captures a broken bat in the stands. Amazing. Pic.twitter.com/m7eL3MtPfz

— Justin (
hobokenjustin) October 20, 2021

WHO IS THIS MVP?! I have to meet the
RedSox fan who just caught the damaged bat!
NBC10Boston pic.twitter.com/lhliDrOUuX

— Abbey Niezgoda NBC10 Boston (
AbbeyNBCBoston) October 20, 2021

Red Sox pan just caught Raffy’s broken bat helicoptering in the direction of him through one hand. Boston built different.

— Jared Carrabis (
Jared_Carrabis) October 20, 2021

That Red Sox fan recording a broken bat in ~ Fenway. Hero.

— Nick Lee (
NickLee51) October 20, 2021

Lucky Red Sox pan caught damaged bat indigenous Rafael Devers

The fortunate fan turns out to be 41-year-oldMatt Ferrera that Plymouth, Massachusetts. Ferrera is in ~ the video game with his Aunt Carmen, who provided him his perfectly-placed seat because that tonight’s game.

Here is Matt Ferrera, 41, that Plymouth with his aunt Carmen, who obtained them the seats, and also the splinter that Rafael Devers’ bat the he snagged out of the air.

“I just saw the bat coming and also I was choose ‘I obtained to grab the thing.’”

He says his life did no flash prior to his eyes. Pic.twitter.com/vushNap1qW

— Hannah Keyser (
HannahRKeyser) October 20, 2021

“I just saw the bat coming and also I was prefer ‘I got to grab that thing,"” Ferrera called Hannah Keyser the Yahoo Sports.

Despite the fan’s luck, the Red Sox have not been as fortunate throughout the first half of the an essential game. Devers’ ideal efforts didn’t result in a run.


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