When entering an area of a legendary animal, sometimes I get a message like the following:

You have entered legendary animal territory, but there is too much activity to track the animal

Is this simply a time issue, do I have to return at a different time? Or does it have anything to do with me being too noisy? What do I need to do to hunt the legendary animal when I get that message?


I encountered this as well. Not sure of the cause. I tried giving it time, setting up camp and sleeping overnight... but what ended up working for me was to save the game and reload. When I reloaded, it put me just outside of the legendary animal area. As I approached the legendary animal area, it alerted me that I should look for clues, etc.

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Good luck!


Leave the area and return later. If an area is not used for a while, it gets overwritten in memory by the game, and will "re-roll". The lowest time that"s worked for me was 2 minutes.


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