around When a Woman"s Fed up

"When a Woman"s Fed Up" is an R&B song by R. Kelly native his 1998 double album, R. The song reached number 22 ~ above the Billboard hot 100 and also number 5 on the hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles chart. The video, command by Kelly, features Kelly"s protégée Sparkle together the woman who is fed up. The single and the video were exit after Sparkle"s debut single "Be Careful", a duet through R. Kelly, together a extension of the story.

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I"m standing right here looking in the mirrorSaying "damn" to myselfI should have actually known the day would certainly comeThat she would uncover somebody elseAnd all the things I took her throughShit, i shouldn"t have lasted this longNow I"m in ~ this phone call booth phone call Tyrone"Cause when a woman"s fed upNo matter just how you beg, noIt ain"t naught you deserve to do about it (nothing you have the right to do about it)It"s favor running out of loveNo issue what you say, noAnd then it"s also late to talk about it (too late to talk about it)Now let"s talk about how it every goes downI provided to make love come you dailyWhen the night fell, the sameAnd anytime that you to be hurtI might feel your painAnd if I had actually a dollarIt to be yours, yes (ooh, yeah)And at any time we would certainly go outI would certainly front the billBut now the increase is downAnd the quiet is soundI hurt friend too, too many timesNow i can"t come approximately "Cause when a woman"s fed upNo matter how you beg, noIt ain"t naught you have the right to do around it (nothing you deserve to do around it)Oh no, it"s as with running out of loveNo issue what friend say, noAnd then it"s as well late to talk about it (too so late to talk around it)Oh yeah, oh yeah, la la da daLaLa da da da daLa da da da daLaOh yeah, la da da da daLaOh, ah, listen, if you don"t desire to uncover out the tough wayThen listen to this track while the document playsWhen a woman"s fed upMama teach me follow me time ago It ain"t nothing you can do around it (nothing you have the right to do around it)Oh no, it"s choose running out of loveNo matter what friend say, noThen it"s as well late come talk about it (too so late to talk around it)YeahYou have the right to cry a river"Till an ocean starts to form, yeahBut she will always remember"Cause she"s a woman scornedAnd if you ever get she backIt will never be the sameShe"s cuttin" the corners of her eyesEvery time she see your faceNow your trust is out the doorShe don"t want you no moreYou provided to tell your boys, no meAnd she would constantly be there because that youIf you had actually took the moment to seeWhat the woman expected to youIs what the mirror said to me, whoaShe was increased in IllinoisRight external of ChicagoSome of the best cookin" you ever hadYes, it was and I miss herHey woman, if you"re listeningSaid I miss out on you baby, whoa, whoa, five yeah

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R. Kelly Robert Sylvester Kelly (born January 8, 1967), known by his phase name R. Kelly, is one American singer-songwriter and record producer. Often referred to together the King the R&B, Kelly is known as one of the many successful R&B artist of all-time. A aboriginal of Chicago, Illinois, Kelly began performing throughout the late 1980s and debuted in 1992 with the team Public Announcement. In 1993, Kelly walk solo through the album 12 Play.

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The is known for a collection of significant hit singles consisting of "Bump n" Grind", "Your Body"s Callin"", "I believe I deserve to Fly", "Gotham City", "Ignition (Remix)", "If I could Turn back the hands of Time", "The World"s Greatest", "I"m a Flirt", and also the hip-hopera "Trapped in the Closet". In 1998, Kelly won 3 Grammy Awards because that "I Bel… much more »