The Pit boss Kamado is just one of the most widely available kamado style grills in the united States. Pit Boss provides two kamado models, and they come in 22” and 24” varieties.

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As a contender to other ceramic charcoal grills choose the Kamado Joe and large Green Egg, the Pit ceo kamado grill has every one of the main attributes that you"ve involved expect in a ceramic kamado grill.

With every ceramic grills, there space a plethora the accessories that you can include at the time of purchase. Specific brands add every item with the grill, and also others offer each item separately.

Here is review of each kind of Pit boss Ceramic Kamado. The K22 ceramic charcoal grill is their 22” model, and also the K24 ceramic charcoal grill is their 24” model. If you’re no familiar, in the civilization of ceramic grills, broad matters.


What Is a Pit boss Kamado Grill?

Kamado grills are known for their capability to hold a constant temperature because that an extended duration of time. The exterior of the grill is consisted of of a glossy coating that renders cleanup easy, however the actual magic is located just under the lid.

The grill is shaped prefer an egg, and also the heart inside the grill is a ceramic egg shaped insert that lines both the lid, sides and also bottom the the inner of the grill.

This human body of this ceramic charcoal grill permits the it come hold and control warmth unlike any kind of other charcoal grill.


The kamado grill allows air in v a tiny damper vent ~ above the bottom former of the grill, and is the primary way that warmth is managed within the unit.


There is also a peak damper vent on the lid that controls how much heat and smoke have the right to escape the grill. This top setting is fairly sensitive, and also even tiny changes to the opening can change the temperature that the grill by 20 levels or more.


Are Pit Boss and also Louisiana Grills Kamados the Same?

Pit ceo Kamados and also Louisiana Grills Kamado models are made by the exact same parent agency Dansons, Inc. The Pit ceo PBK24C1 model has actually been accessible for purchase at our neighborhood Costco store for a couple of years now, make it very convenient come just set in the cart, take home and start cooking. However, we"ve concerned find that the design looks the precise same this year, but has a various brand name on the outside.

What us can get at ours close to home Costco keep is the Louisiana Grills LGK24C1 model, which is visually identical to the previous Pit Boss design we saw for numerous years. In an email from Dansons, Inc, a representative explained:

“…there is a PBK24C1 and also a LGK24C1 that space exclusive to Costco and also they come with the black composite side shelves and handle.”

If you order a K24 through the PitBoss website, you’re walk to acquire Bamboo side shelves if the Costco variant has actually the composite side shelves. The Costco grills are blue in color on the outside, and also direct v the Pit boss or Louisiana Grills website there space multiple colour available.


What are the benefits of a Pit ceo Kamado Grill?

The Pit boss kamado grills are made that ceramic materials unlike few of the typical competitors like the Akorn jr. By Char-Griller. Another difference on the Pit boss grill the you’ll an alert is stainless steel food preparation grates.

Both the key grate and also the optimal grate are made that stainless steel so food won’t stick. The Akorn jr. Uses cast iron grates which provides for a various kind that backyard grilling experience.

This egg grill by Pit boss is out to show that no every ceramic charcoal grill is do the same. Over there is a distinctive difference between a standard Weber grill and also a kamado style grill. The method they hold warm is substantially different.

The Weber kettle grill dome is make of a thinner metal that allows heat come escape much more quickly when the kamado grill provides the inner ceramic and dampers to hold the warmth in.

What is the difference in between a kamado grill and a gas grill?

A kamado grill deserve to be a gas grill, yet most of the moment they space designed for charcoal. Gas grills usage tanks of propane for their fuel, and also kamados take organic lump charcoal.

You’ll find a distinct taste distinction when you’re cooking with bump charcoal instead of propane. Propane could be straightforward to use, but it won"t provide the finest results.

Natural bump charcoal is yes, really wood, and you have the right to taste the flavor the it imparts come all her favorite recipes. Propane is a heat source that gives no taste or flavor, and serves strictly as fuel.

There room kits that allow you to transform your kamado to propane or organic gas, and additional flavor deserve to be accomplished if you add chunks of wood to administer smoke.

Pit ceo Kamado buying Guide

The Pit boss K24 edges the end the Ceramic 22” as the better value in ours opinion. The contempt larger cooking surface for just a couple of dollars much more is what advice the scales in donate of the K24.

When you acquisition the K24, you get 662 square customs of cooking area to work-related with. With more than 330 square inch of cooking space on the main stainless stole grate, girlfriend get sufficient room for a full packer brisket wrapped in butcher paper or a pair of pork butts.

The food preparation grid can likewise be set up for indirect food preparation with the optional warmth deflector plate. The fire bowl holds the charcoal ~ above the bottom of the grill, and the warm diverter is set up in between the fire and the chef grate.

For all of the services of a kamado style grill there is one substantial downside. The cooking an are is fairly a bit much less than various other models of ceramic charcoal grills. The dual layer cooking surface the the K24 is a need if she looking to cook or BBQ in any quantity.

The Pit boss website cases that you have the right to fit a complete of 38 burgers on this grill when utilizing both class of cooking surface. Uneven you’re cooking sliders, ns wouldn’t count on this grill handling 38 adult size burgers worth of cooking space. The drippings alone coming turn off that lot cow at one time are guaranteed to spike the temperature within the grill since this is setup for direct grilling end lump charcoal. Attempting 38 burgers is only recommended if you need the extra smoke comes off her pit to send smoke signal to an nearby neighborhood.

There room plenty of rivals to the Pit ceo Kamado top top the market, and also Vision Grills, Broil King, Oklahoma Joe counter smokers room looking to garner your fist while you’re looking the aisles at a huge box store close to you.

Remember that the benefits of a kamado format grill is that they retain warmth for a long, lengthy time. In comparison to their balance out smoker brothers, they take very tiny fuel for a cook. Two or 3 handfuls of lump charcoal might be all you need to chef dinner, and temperature manage is a breeze.

One the the ways that a kamado grill offers very tiny charcoal is the you deserve to reuse the charcoal that’s left because that the next cook. Simply close the intake and output dampers, clean the end the ash and you’ll have actually charcoal left to usage the following time you want to put some exhilaration in the air.

If you’re reasoning that the Pit boss Kamado is a portable grill design, permit us to litter this right into the fold: The K22 product is pretty hefty at 260 pounds, so if you’re looking at this grill to require to a tailgate, you much better find many of solid friends to join you and also share the burden. You deserve to grill mini food all you want, yet that won’t change the reality that this BBQ smoker is a an extremely heavy design. If girlfriend don"t obtain anyone ready to join you, it"ll it is in a hard grill to haul to her tailgates from home.

Thankfully, the grill is much more mobile as soon as it"s top top a tough surface. It has actually easy to usage wheels v swivel casters that will relocate in any direction the you want. The casters do for straightforward mobility top top a tough surface, but the wheels absolutely struggle on soft surfaces.

The bamboo next shelves fold under on the K24 product to enable the grill cover to fit end the unit. As soon as you"re all set to fire up the grill and also cook some food, the cover is very easy to fold up and store until you"re done.

As far as BBQ pits go, the kamado format has among the smaller sized footprints available.

Should friend Buy A Pit boss Kamado?

If you’re looking for a ceramic kamado for your grill arsenal, the Pit boss is a heavy entry in the ceramic egg space. The Pit boss is accessible at most major large box retailers, and it’s recognized to walk on revenue at the finish of the season because that a far-ranging discount.

If you are in the sector for a ceramic charcoal kamado and also don’t have the budget plan for several of the more expensive brands, the Pit boss Kamado is a perfect unit to discover out if kamado format grilling is ideal for you.

About Pit boss Kamado Grills

Pit boss Ceramic Kamado series grills are manufactured by Danson’s, i beg your pardon is likewise the parent team to Louisiana Grills pellet grills and smokers.

We here at The Barbecue lab have had our same share of suffer working with Danson’s customer support. We found them to be really responsive and helpful v the worry we were having with another one of your grills not featured in this review. The concern was taken care of with expediency and care and also that level of customer organization is precious noting.

For an ext gear reviews, grill reviews, BBQ recipes and also more, sign up with us right ago here at The Barbecue Lab.

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