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Although this time the outspoken Mavericks owner"s unfiltered shots space aimed at the nationwide Football League, no the national Basketball Association. 

During his program pre-game conversation through the media Sunday, Cuban (when asked around the NFL"s television expansion) suspect the nation"s most renowned league will eventually burn itself out. 

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"I think the NFL is 10 years away from an implosion," Cuban stated according to ESPNDallas.com. "I"m just telling you, pigs obtain fat, hogs obtain slaughtered. And they"re gaining hoggy. Simply watch. Pigs get fat, hogs obtain slaughtered. As soon as you try to take it also far, people turn the various other way.

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"I"m just telling you, as soon as you"ve obtained a great thing and also you get greedy, the always, always, always, always, constantly turns ~ above you. That"s preeminence number among business."

And Cuban, a highly successful businessman and investor, knows a point or two about business.

DeCOURCY: Cuban method off ~ above one-and-done comments

The NFL in February announced a brand-new TV transaction that, with additional coverage on CBS, will expand the league"s capacity for Thursday Night Football and also even add a couple Saturday gamings late in the season. 

Cuban joins the NFL"s coaches and also players who, generally speaking, hate the idea of mid-week regular-season games. The largest and most apparent concern from groups is the fact that players can"t adequately recover from the ahead week. And also coaches don"t have sufficient time to study opponents" film and prepare a solid video game plan.

Players and also coaches easy to understand don"t prefer the idea. Yet commissioner i get it Goodell and also the organization seem to love that for apparent reasons: an ext nationally televised gamings equate to more mulah — because that everybody. 

NFL fans, for the many part, love the idea, too. Much more football is a beautiful thing, right? Wrong, Cuban says. 

"They"re trying come take over every night that TV," Cuban said. "Initially, it"ll be, "Yeah, they"re the biggest-rating point that there is." OK, Thursday, that"s great, nevertheless of even if it is it impacts during that duration when we cross over. Climate if it it s okay Saturday, currently you"re impacting colleges. Currently it"s on 4 days a week. ...

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"It"s every football. At some point, the world get noble of it."

Is Cuban concerned around the NFL television ratings" impact on the NBA"s? Maybe. But his opinion ~ above the NFL"s watch uncontrollable popularity is interesting. Cuban"s comments — linked with the public"s exponentially cultivation safety concerns around the sports of soccer — existing legitimate questions regarding the league"s future. 

Think of that this way: civilization love come eat food, for this reason a smart individual invented the buffet.

But one have the right to only eat for this reason much. Steak is delicious, however if you eat that every work it at some point becomes intolerable.