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, Both>Ain't it an excellent how we met each otherOn this wild and also crazy carousel the lifeAin't the cool how it adjusted the routes of our livesSet united state off on new adventuresThis carousel takes us round and roundThis labyrinth the lifeYou can't tell up from downHavin' so much funWe forget to inspect where this crossroad's takin' usBut hey, below we come!This carousel spins united state round therefore muchSometimes girlfriend don't know shouldYou remain or gain offIt's only just begun...Welcome come this wild maze the life!Ain't the fun how this life is givingUs the possibility to it is in a hero or a fiendIt's our choiceSo let us try to make theBest ofWhat our fates have actually laid in ours cribs
This carousel, spins inside our mindsThis labyrinth that lifeYou can't call wrong indigenous rightHaving so lot funDidn't check out the cliffPast that hairpin bend in the roadBut hey, below we go
This carouselTakes us greater and higherThe force of gravity'sNo realer than the fire(That's) burn in friend heartWelcome to this wildMaze the life!Thinking you got it figuredThinking you acquired a understand on exactly how it all functions now(But it's)Spinnin' friend round and also round(Can girlfriend tell up from down?)Spinnin' inside her mind(Can you tell wrong indigenous right?)Nothin' to do yet let go and enjoy the ride!
This carouselTakes united state round and also roundThis stunner maze that lifeYou can't tell up from downHaving so lot funWe forgot to askWhere this magic's acquisition usBut hey, right here we come
This carouselSpins girlfriend round and also outYou really don't recognize whyBut it provides you wanna shout:"We've only just begun -Let's reap this wildMaze that life!"

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