Boy, ns really need to gain on posting more! mine resolution because that the brand-new year is to write-up on this blog at the very least once every week. I have a huge backlog that product reviews to do.

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So here’s one I’ve to be intending come post around for a while. I’m certain you can relate: once it concerns skincare products, it’s difficult to discover a product that in reality does what it claims. And also it’s also harder to uncover a product the does more than simply moisturize. That’s why I’m pretty impressed v the Ole Henriksen Blue/Blackberry Enzyme Mask. It in reality does what it promises, and also it actually makes positive changes in my skin.


I found this mask in ~ Marshalls for a only $9.99, so i snapped it increase immediately. I’m always intrigued by enzyme products because my skin is a small sensitive to chemical exfoliation. Enzyme exfoliation is a gentler different that mine skin seems to have actually no difficulties with. The full price top top Amazon is $22.65, and on is $36.


This wash-off mask is a clean gel. It’s straightforward to use. You simply take a generous amount of the gel and also spread a sensibly thick layer over her face. Leave it on for about 20 minutes and also then rinse that off.


I should warn those who are sensitive come fragrance the this mask has a VERY strong lavender scent. It’s a natural scent native lavender extract and oil, however it is quite powerful. If you like lavender, girlfriend can think about the mask a 20-minute aromatherapy session. If you’re not a fan of lavender, stay far away from this mask!

This mask supplies black/blueberry enzymes as well as papaya enzymes (papain) to exfoliate. Some civilization are sensitive to papain, so continue with fist if you’ve had reactions to enzyme commodities in the past.

Once ns rinse it off, mine skin is remarkable smoother to the touch and much more even-toned. I think there’s a slim brightening impact as well. The enzyme exfoliation appears to be working. I usage this mask when or twice a mainly to eliminate excess dead skin cells.


The gel deserve to be a little sticky and also tacky if it’s on, but since it’s a wash-off mask, it doesn’t stroked nerves me. It can be a little challenging to to wash off, so you might want to usage a konjac sponge or washcloth to help remove it.

Bottom Line

This to be my very first Ole Henriksen product, and also I’m impressed! I’m looking front to trying several of their various other offerings. I really delighted in the Blue/Blackberry Enzyme Mask and I love that it actually does something — that smoothing and brightening properties are gentle yet noticeable. I already have a back-up jar!

Since I usage a generosity layer that the mask, I’ve to be going v the jar nice fast, so that’s something to store in mind.

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Buy it at

Note: This product has been reformulated as the Ole Henriksen Berry Nurturing gelatin Mask.

Amazon Prime for $22.65

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