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SynopsisNeko no Otera no Chion-san is a romantic comedy about a high college boy named Gen and also an enlarge girl, Chion, that is life at his family's holy place in the countryside.(Source: ANN)


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While part of life (SOL) works may seem straightforward to produce with the simplicity the the narrative, that is the nuances that different a great work native a mediocre one. Neko no Otera no Chion-san is a shining instance of an SOL work-related that is great. It manages to transcend the simplicity of its story there is no going right into cumbersome exposition on its themes of resulting age and also young romance. The craft right here is impeccable. The beautifully clean and simple panelling, exquisite arts that manages to expose not only the huge scope of life however its cherishable, intimate and mundane moments, as well as lovable characters who will definitely endear readers through their characterisation that is composed of both adorably humorous and also sensitively emotional moments done via visual way such together facial expressions and also 'staging' v the environment. The rigid is an easy - perhaps almost to a fault, however through the sheer craftsmanship the Ojiro Makoto-sensei, Chion-san shines as an exceptional work of art that is not only coherent in that beauty and subtle portrayal of life and also young love, but also for simply being a pleasurable read, v plenty the wholesome, likeable moments. Probably my only and also greatest criticism the Chion-san is the it is nearly too comfortable through where it is. If the narrative, themes and also character advance are done with masterful nuance, it never rises beyond what it seemingly sets out to execute in the start to explore ideas around life and also all that jazz past its characters' restricted point that view and also perspectives - it is in it by subtly an altering the narrative to tell around life after these characters have got to adulthood or by any kind of other means. Unlike an additional masterful solar work, Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou, wherein the story eventually twists to monitor its logical, yet melancholically brutal conclusion, Chion-san is content in gift thematically stagnant, unwilling to go beyond what it has intended to do since the beginning. Still, that does not at all diminish my enjoyment that Chion-san. This to be so great that ns once dropped so tough for its hypnotic assignment of simple and mundane pleasures and also put that as among my favourites. I am nearly sure the Chion-san would come to be well concerned as a classic of the sol genre in the future. (that is if Ojiro-sensei's various other work, Insomniacs After school doesn't outdo this - together it appears to be doing)