Roommates, carry out y’all remember as soon as Drake tried come liken himself to Jay-Z through saying, “I used to wanna be on Roc-A-Fella, then i turned right into Jay” in his ‘Summer Sixteen’ verse? Well, that looks like the real Jay has clapped earlier in DJ Khaled’s brand-new song ‘I obtained The Keys’ and let’s simply say us hope Drake has actually a comfy chair come sit in.

In city 2, Jay fight ’em with, “Real life I’m choose Hov / genuine life ns life purposes / In real life they’re prefer me? / In actual life i’m like, ‘No.’”

Oop! Next, Jay proceeds to remind us of why no one can take his place and did therefore by reflecting off his wifey, Beyoncé. “My swag different, that bag different / My wife Beyoncé, i brag different.”

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Roommates, execute you think Drake could ever take it the place of Jay-Z? Leave united state some comments!

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