Specializing in anxiety-free, stressless face and also body wax in a warm, friendly, and also professional environment. In your ar owned, Independent, boutique.

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Beauty is pain?

It doesn"t need to be…

Molly"s Wax Shop is a locally-owned, appointment-only waxing boutique situated in the historical Person Street district of Raleigh, specializing in anxiety-free, stressless waxing. Native first-timers to seasoned wax pros, our desire is to produce a warm, friendly, and professional environment where any fear of pains or awkwardness is decreased as quickly as girlfriend walk through the door.

At Molly"s Wax Shop, just professional-grade, kinder-to-the-skin difficult (stripless) waxes space used, and also natural, essential healing and soothing skincare, leave you and also your skin emotion refreshed and also renewed.

Women-centric, human body positive, client-focused skincare.

Start the day with a little sass in her step...

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Molly’s on the back! Well, in June . . . However still!

OMG OMG OMG i can’t think it! ns am therefore happy to it is in coming earlier to the Wax Shop June 16th! and also I invite you every to publication now to reserve her spots v me because that the summer. At the moment, Arianna is only pre-booking and also accepting appointments up to four weeks out, <...>

Greetings and Salutations! September Newsletter…

Well, it’s been virtually a month because my early (temporary, i hope!) retirement and also I think I have actually officially shed my mind. Sometimes it will certainly appear, but more often than no I think the wavers in between sleep and also energy-saving modes. And also speaking of hard drives, anyone else ready to toss your computer/device out of the <...>

One of THE ideal waxing articles ever.

Especially when it seems prefer everyone wonders, “Why in the hell would certainly you do that?” Well, here ya go… https://www.thecut.com/2018/11/when-you-get-waxed-for-yourself.html

Waxing is not just for bikini season!

Greetings and also happy September! For many of us that means an end to summer and also an finish to coast vacations and also sitting poolside. Unfortunately to countless folks that way an finish to bikini waxes – a tiny extra hair keeps you heat for the winter, right? No!!! Here’s the scoop top top why friend really need to <...>

Introducing Shea Butter!

In the warm hot months of summer, our body sweats - yes, duh, yet did you also know that v this sweat, you deserve to lose essential oils the are crucial in maintaining your skin supple and also hydrated? Yes! and also that’s wherein shea butter come in. No a petrolatum product which have the right to clog your pores yet <...>

Waxing and also Feminism – it’s okay!

So I’ve been skeptical to post any thoughts around this certain issue as I’d like to shot and remain positive about women, femininity and also feminism, and the mere mention of the word feminism throws human being into fits of epilepsy. But I feel that the topic of bikini/Brazilian wax – as it relates to feminism – <...>

Are you prepared to present off her pumpkin?

Ohhh scary!! No, no all the ghosts and goblins – your hair! Look at it! how do you intend to show off your sexy vampire TRICKS with that? and also those brows?? uneven your costume has anything to perform with Frida Kahlo, you far better watch the wicked unibrow! Come in and also get shame up. The youngsters <...>

Yes, waxing hurts. So let’s talk about pain tolerance…

Waxing is not without that risks, nor without that is pain. Her hair is being forcibly removed from her skin – this hurts. But you acquire used come it, and it’s constantly worse the an initial time. Why? because that hair follicle’s root pear is exceptionally thick, built up with years and also years of amino acids, protein, and keratin. <...>

Consistency, Consistency, Consistency

Hello and also happy June! i hope everyone has been enjoying the summer and also surviving the near one-thousand degree days we’ve to be having. Ok, it’s not been that bad, actually, and I’m certain we’ll be complaining quickly enough about how cold it is, but for the moment, mine whining seems to assist me feeling better! in ~ <...>

Newsletter: The Shop is currently open, yet with new policies and requirements – you re welcome read prior to your appointment!

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