There is no one much more experienced as the Hollywood straightforward Clinic. Ours team of staff and also doctors have been help patients with Cannabis since 2012


Notably, the establishing doctor the Hollywood basic Clinic earn his Doctorate indigenous the college of California in Los Angeles, and served his residency in ~ the college of California at Irvine Hospital, specializing in plastic surgery. During his practice, that initially uncovered the strength of medical cannabis when several that his patients lugged its purported benefits to his attention. After comprehensive research, the physician uncovered a absence of availability for patient seeking this an useful medicine. Therefore, he decided to specialization in medical marijuana, making accessibility to the relief much more available to patient in the Hollywood area.

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Why choose us

We make things basic from your very first call, email, text, or order.



We space committed to offer you. Us keep day-to-day office hrs to serve you in human being or online.

7 work Support

Our main office is open 7 work a week to help you v your concerns throughout the US


No one can access your medical information without her consent. Beware some clinics offer your details to dispensaries.


We are located in convenient locations in Los Angeles, brand-new York, and Florida

“..“I LOVE the they have actually several new locations central to every that i do and live. These males are at sight helpful, moral and an extremely welcoming. I remained in a automobile accident some years back and am very thankful that the procedure of obtaining my rejuvenation card is simple and painless. Clean facility, plentiful parking available, supervisor affordable, and all about chill experience – typically going come the physician sucks however this is no the situation here…This clinic has been my walk to for a couple of years now. Justin also remembered me and was fairly helpful. I also love how main it is to both work and also home. Both the doctor and also the front workdesk are incredibly helpful and also I didn’t have to wait long at all. The doctor likewise recommended some exercises I might do for my knee. And to meditate- where does one ever before hear that!!? I always recommend this clinic to world I know. They also have an choice to renew online. Quite cool”."

Los Angeles

How long have you been in business?

We have been helping patients acquire their medical marijuana cards since 2012. The Hollywood simple Clinic are clinical marijuana card medical professionals in Los Angeles, brand-new York City, Miami, Tampa & online. The clinical Marijuana Card doctors at Hollywood easy Clinic have actually the many experienced doctors. Hollywood simple Clinic specialization in clinical marijuana evaluations, emotional support animal evaluations and also for cultivation marijuana cultivation licenses. Furthermore we are additionally able to perform medical marijuana renewals online. We carry years of trust and happy patients through no covert fees unlike many doctors offices. Our medical marijuana doctors see patients with any type of debilitating medical condition.

Most remarkable you can have noticed that multiple medical marijuana doctors workplaces in Los Angeles have actually been closing. The main reason the they are closing these workplaces is as result of unlicensed individuals owning them. Additionally our clinical marijuana medical professionals are license is granted by California, license is granted for medicine in new York and registered for marijuana prescribing. In addition our medical professional is license is granted for medication in Florida to assist with you obtaining your state card.

Do I have to come into the office during the pandemic?

You perform not have to come right into the office. Yet we space still keeping normal hours in Hollywood Los Angeles California, Florida, and brand-new York City. Consequently to find your closest medical marijuana map doctors near you click here.

Where space you located?

Medical Marijuana Card physicians Hollywood easy Clinic was initially in Hollywood Los Angeles. We additionally have medical Marijuana Card medical professionals in southern Florida best in in between Miami and Fort Lauderdale in Hollywood Florida. Furthermore, we additionally opened an office in Tampa Florida. Finally Hollywood easy Clinic physicians are likewise in new York City in Gramercy Park close to Midtown Manhattan new York.

I live in southerly California. How do I gain to the Hollywood simple Clinic?

Our medical marijuana physicians of Hollywood basic Clinic and also amazing office staff moved next to Rock and Roll Ralph’s. Our Sunset & Fuller ar is 2 blocks native Hollywood Blvd.

I live in south Florida. Exactly how do I get to the Hollywood basic Clinic?

Our medical Marijuana Card medical professionals serve Miami and every one of South Florida. Our Miami Florida patient reside in little Havana, Wynwood, small Haiti, Coconut Grove , Brickell and south Miami. In addition our medical marijuana card doctors treat patients from Miami neighborhoods Allapattah, Flagami, Coral Way. Additionally we help patients from Miami Beach, Homestead, Hialeah, Sunrise and ft Lauderdale follow me the 95 freeway. Beneficially our clinical marijuana doctors office is alongside Miami Gardens, Pembroke Pines, Aventura, and Hallandale Beach.

Hence, if you room in West Palm Beach, Delray Beach, Pompano beach or , do the drive follow me the 95 south to our office. In addition our medical marijuana cards have actually been authorized for patient from Weston, and also Coconut Creek. Lastly if you are a neapolitan Florida patience or located in Bonita Springs come come Broward County.

I live in new York. Just how do I obtain to the Hollywood straightforward Clinic

Many of our Upstate patients choose to pertained to us due to the fact that they take the train come Grand main Station. This Manhattan new York City office is in Gramercy park. Furthermore the office is West that Queens, and the borough the Brooklyn. Finally. Our office is simply south that the Bronx borough of new York City.

How perform I refer one of my patient to you?

Our medical marijuana card doctors receive medical professional referrals because that a medical marijuana consultation. Being moral has its benefits we have actually the ideal reputation for medical marijuana services on Yelp. Countless of our patients are looking for a medical marijuana physician who is reliable and also consistent. Due to the fact that your privacy is our main concern please read our state of organization to check out our promise to you together our valued patient.

What space the benefits of acquiring a medical card?

Fortunately patients v the California State medical Card perform not need to pay specific taxes the recreational users do. Lastly after you have actually a valid and verified clinical cannabis physicians recommendation you can acquire a medical marijuana identification card by your neighborhood county department of publicly Health.

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What if I’m no looking to get “high?”

First off our medical marijuana map doctors aid genuine clinical patients. California recreational marijuana individuals predominately desire Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Because of this many of ours patients space not interested in “getting high”. CBD, is one of the primary compounds in cannabis opposite the psychoactive impacts of THC. However states restrict greater Cannabidiol (CBD) to patients with a recommendation from our clinic.