No matter just how old we are, we always feel protective and also safe under the eight of ours mothers. Even if that is about spending some recreation time through them their visibility in the home makes ours heart complete of joy and also happiness. Whether it is around going come the bed at night and also waking up early in the morning, see mother’s challenge energies us through a vast energy and a huge smile. And all of the above, we also enjoy bedtime rhymes and also stories with them.

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Recreating some beautiful movements with our lovable mothers, we have actually introduced a rhyme that is not only a lullaby but additionally a prayer ad to historical traditions.

The bedtime story, we space going to introduce below is Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John Poem. This nursery happiness is not only a pleasant lullaby but likewise a prayer signifying the heritage of Jewish people.

Let’s further explore the story behind the do of this beautiful rhyme:

The prayer belonging to ancient origins. Previously it was echoed through Jewish human being during the medieval period. The words that were admired together a bedtime track or prayer monitor as:

“In the name of the Lord, the God the Israel, might Michael be in ~ my appropriate hand; Gabriel in ~ my left; Uriel before me; Raphael behind me and the Shekhinah the God be over my head”

During the time, such words were prefer blessing one’s self with God or the creator the the universe. It was described as old Babylonian prayers.

Its English version deserve to be traced back to the mid that 16th century. English Protestants provided this prayer a name of popish or magical charm.

Matthew, Mark, Luke and John Bedtime Song


Matthew, Mark, Luke and also John, Bless the bed that i lie on. Four corners to my bed, 4 angels round my head; One come watch and also one come pray and also two come bear my spirit away.

This poem had actually been a good source of motivation for literary works done for this reason far. The melodious music ~ above the message of this lullaby was among the commendable functions of Gustav Holst.

The first official record of the rhyme can be viewed in the publication publication of A Candle in the Dark (1656).

Version of the Matthew, Mark, Luke and also John Rhyme


Four newks in this house, for haly Angels,

A write-up in the midst, that’s Christ Jesus,

Lucas, Marcus, Matthew, Joannes,

God be right into this house, and all the belangs us. 

Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John,

Bless the bed that ns lye on.

And blessed Guardian-Angel keep

Me for sure from peril whilst i sleep. 

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