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Marketing management (15th Edition) – Kotler Keller – eBook PDF:


Kevin roadway Keller

Professor Kevin lane Keller is the E. B. Osborn Professor the Marketing in ~ the Tuck college of business at Dartmouth College. Professor Keller has degrees from Cornell, Carnegie-Mellon, and Duke universities. At Dartmouth, that teaches MBA courses on marketing management and strategic brand management and also lectures in executive program on those topics.

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Previously, Kevin was on the faculty at Stanford University, whereby he likewise served as the head the the marketing group. Additionally, he has been ~ above the faculty in ~ the college of north Carolina in ~ Chapel Hill and University that California at Berkeley, has been a visiting professor at battle each other University and the Australian Graduate school of Management, and also has 2 year of market experience together Marketing Consultant for financial institution of America.

Kevin’s general area of field of expertise lies in planning, marketing strategy and branding. His certain research attention is in just how understanding theories and also concepts concerned consumer actions can enhance marketing strategies. His research has been released in 3 that the significant marketing journals: the newspaper of Marketing, the newspaper of Marketing Research, and the Journal of consumer Research. He likewise has served on the Editorial testimonial Boards the those journals. With an ext than ninety published papers, his research has been extensively cited and also has received plenty of awards.

Actively associated with industry, Professor Kelly has worked on a hold of different varieties of marketing projects. He has served together a irreversible consultant and advisor come marketers for few of the world’s many successful brands, consisting of Accenture, Procter & Gamble, American Express, Ford, Intel, Levi Strauss, Disney, and Samsung. Additional brand consulting activities have to be with other top companies such as Allstate, Beiersdorf (Nivea), BlueCross BlueShield, Campbell, Colgate, Eli Lilly, ExxonMobil, GfK, Goodyear, Starbucks, general Mills, Hasbro, Johnson & Johnson, Kodak, L.L.Bean, Intuit, mei Clinic, MTV, Nordstrom, s Spray, Red Hat, SAB Miller, shell Oil, Unilever, and also Young & Rubicam. He has also served as an academic trustee because that the Marketing science Institute and also served together their executive Director native July 1, 2013, to July 1, 2015.

An avid music, sports, and also film enthusiast, in his so-called preventive time, Kevin has helped come manage and also market, and serve together executive producer for, one of Australia’s an excellent rock-and-roll treasures, The Church, and also American power-pop legends Tommy Keene and also Dwight Twilley. He also serves top top the plank of Directors because that The Doug Flutie, Jr. Foundation for Autism, the Lebanon Opera House, and the Montshire Museum the Science. Kevin resides in Etna, NH, through his wife, Punam (also a Tuck marketing professor), and his 2 daughters, Allison and Carolyn.

Philip T. Kotler

Dr. Philip Kotler is S. C. Johnson & Son distinguished Professor of worldwide Marketing at the Kellogg institution of Management, Northwestern University. He obtained his master’s level at the college of Chicago and his Ph.D. At M.I.T., both in economics. Philip is writer of Marketing Management (Pearson), now in its 15th edition and the most widely offered marketing publication in graduate institutions of organization worldwide. He has actually authored dozens of other successful textbooks and has written much more than fifty books and one-fifty hundred posts in leading journals. Philip is the just 3-time winner that the coveted Alpha Kappa Psi award because that the best annual article in the Journal of Marketing.

Dr. Philip was named the very first recipient of 4 major awards: William L. Wilkie “Marketing for a much better World” Award, and the identified Marketing educator of the Year Award both provided by the American Marketing Association; the Philip Kotler Award because that Excellence in Health treatment Marketing presented by the Academy for Health care Services Marketing; and also the Sheth structure Medal for impressive Contribution to Marketing Scholarship and also Practice. He is a charter member the the Marketing room of Fame, was voted the first Leader in Marketing assumed by the American Marketing Association, and was named The Founder of contemporary Marketing monitoring in the Handbook of management Thinking. His numerous other major honors incorporate the Sales and Marketing Executives International Marketing education of the Year Award; The europe Association of Marketing Consultants and also Trainers  the Charles Coolidge Parlin Marketing study Award; Marketing Excellence Award; and the Paul D. Converse Award, provided by the American Marketing association to respect “outstanding contribute to scientific research in marketing.” A recent Forbes survey ranks Dr. Philip in the peak 10 that the world’s many influential company thinkers. And in a recent Financial Times poll the 1,000 senior executives across the world, the professor was ranked together the fourth “most influential service guru/author” the the 21st century.

Marketing administration (15th Edition) – Kotler Keller – eBook

The yellow benchmark because that today’s marketing management college student. Continue to be on the leading-edge with the gold traditional textbook that reflects the recent in marketing theory and also practice.

The world of marketing is an altering daily –and in order for students to have a compete edge, they need an ebook that reflects the best of today’s marketing theory and also practices. 

Marketing Management, 15th Edition, (PDF) is the gold conventional marketing textbook because its matter and organization consistently reflect the newest changes in today’s marketing theory and also practice.

The Fifteenth edition is totally incorporated through MyMarketingLab and is update where ideal to administer the most current, comprehensive, and also engaging marketing monitoring textbook possible.

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